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June 28, 2021

Why journaling will help you manifest quicker than anything else

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I started journaling when I found myself feeling overwhelmed and as though I had too much going on in my head. I found my mind becoming so busy and I couldn’t make sense of things. When I first started journaling I found I was able to get what was swimming around in my head out onto paper.

Journalling is a powerful way to get what is going on in your mind out on paper. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or anxious, or down then journaling helps you to get it out of your mind and quieten your mind. When you journal you can let go of any information you are trying to retain and let it all out.

There is no right or wrong way to journal and sometimes you may find yourself writing loads, whereas other times you may find yourself only writing a small amount or not feeling the need to write anything at all. Just starting is the important thing.

You can simply start by getting a blank notebook and just writing. If you do not know what to write then start with that… “I do not know what to write.” and describe what you can see, feel, hear and just keep writing until you feel the need to stop.

When journaling the idea is to get the things out of your mind that may be overwhelming you or making you feel unwanted emotions and so by journaling you are using this as an outlet to release this tension and emotion. You do not have to read back what you wrote or keep it. You could even write and then throw away what you have written each day.

You may find yourself wanting to journal each day, or you may not. I suggest when first starting out think about the outcomes you want from journaling and let that guide you. If your outcome is to release the overwhelm of everything being in your mind I suggest starting with journaling daily to release this from your mind.

Journaling can also be used to write down everything you have to do. If you are feeling like you need to get things done and you need to start somewhere you could write a bullet journal. Meaning you would bullet point everything you have to do and then take action on these things and refer back to the list throughout the day.

You can also use journaling to help you manifest something in your life quicker. Sounds interesting, right?

When you write about your life as if you already have something that you are working towards, this will program your brain to see more of that thing and more possibilities to make it happen. When you allow yourself to feel the way you want to feel and write it down as if you have it, see what you’d see and write about it as if you can see it and hear what you would hear as if you have the thing you are working towards then you will notice so much more in your reality to back it up.

This is because you are programming the part of your brain called the RAS. The reticular activating system. This is the part of your brain that notices things. So when you bought your last car and then began seeing it everywhere this is why. It is because it is now in your awareness and you have been focusing on it. Now it’s everywhere.

When we journal like this the same thing happens. You begin to notice all of the things in your reality and surroundings that will support you to achieve your goal.

So get journaling, and remember to write as if you already have what you want. Write as if you can see, hear and feel the way you’ll feel when you have it.

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