July 9, 2021

2-Ingredient Red Lentil “Pancakes.” {Recipe}

I’m moving countries in a little over a week.

So, I’ve been trying to use up what’s sitting in my cupboards before I go. I was sifting through and noticed I had an entire pack of red lentils unused.

I know there are lots of easy lentil recipes—but it’s getting hot now in Dublin, Ireland where I live, and I wasn’t really feeling a heavy dish.

Later that night, as if Instagram read my mind, I came across this video for two-ingredient lentil “wraps,” she called them. I saw someone comment on the video that this was actually a common Indian dish, “Dal chilla.”

I did some Googling and found a variety of recipes for these “pancakes,” but all seemed easy enough, and all I needed was water and lentils.

I decided to try them as a pizza base, which I would maybe not recommend as they got a bit soggy with the sauce on top.

Two-ingredient Red Lentil Pancakes:

>> Soak one cup lentils in two cups of water overnight or for a few hours.

>> Blend until “batter” consistency (I added some salt).


>> Add a tsp of olive oil to a pan (note: my pan wasn’t the best non-stick, so I had to use a bit more oil as my first pancake literally flopped). 

>> Add batter to the pan. You don’t want them too thin or too thick—too thin and it might break; too thick and you might feel a bit too stuffed and bloated after because lentils are quite filling, which is what happened to me. 

>> Cook for just a few minutes each side, and tada!


I’m going to try this out as a side dish today with some tofu and veggies. One cup of dried lentils will give you about four pancakes, depending on thickness.

Let me know if you give this a try!


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