July 16, 2021

A Sacred Writing Activity to “Check-in.”


Sometimes we are so free that we are dizzy; sometimes we are so tethered that we can’t breathe.

Let’s check in with ourselves using this writing activity. It’s important as we do this to be patient and honest with ourselves.

It is good to allow the words to come in whatever way they seem to need to flow—no need for edited perfection, decorum, or even choosing real words. If it seems right to sit and slap and tap a rhythm on the keys that is okay. Doodling or scribbling with a pen or pencil for a while before writing is fine too!

Even if we end up cursing or talking to ourselves as we write, we want to be as open to our needs as possible during this time. As this journey unfolds we will see that the act of making space to write and how we go about it speaks volumes either way.


As we begin the writing process, let’s just witness how we are feeling.

Are emotions rising to the surface? Are we on verge of tears or angry enough to burst? Or…have we arrived at a state of Zen or peace?

Let’s be very patient and kind toward ourselves as we construct our answers.

As an added layer of gentleness, let’s approach the page as if it were our dearest and most kindred companion. Let us open ourselves to this trusted friend who is silent and ready to listen and receive our every word.

Let’s fall into feeling embraced in the trusted and safe space.

Let the words tumble out slowly or quickly; let them slip from our hearts through our hands and onto the page unencumbered.

Let’s begin journaling:

Feel the following answers—truly.

>> How you are doing?

Perhaps, take time in answering—it’s our time and it’s okay.

>> No, really…How are you doing?

Allow the page to witness whatever is going on.

>> Is there more to share?

Feel free to dump it—whatever it may be.

Now, let’s take just a few good deep breaths and ask ourselves:

>> How can things get better from here?

Let us take our time writing about it. If nothing comes yet, it’s okay.

Next, let’s reflect in writing on one small simple thing we can do to take care of ourselves. Let’s make it something very easy and quick that we can do anytime.

>> What small thing could we do to make it an okay day from here?

Final reflection:

To begin wrapping this exercise up, let’s consider writing the answers to the following questions to help to deepen our experience!

>> What struggles came forth during this reflection? What about any triumphant moments?

>> What surprises popped up as we wrote?

>> What did we notice about our process as writers?

>> What steps helped and what ones didn’t?

>> What was difficult and what was easy about this process and what does that tell us about our lives or circumstances?

>> Did we feel embraced along the way as we tried this activity? If not, how could we have made ourselves feel even more comfortable when writing out our thoughts and feelings?

>> How did writing help heal the stressors of the day?

>> Is it important to remember to return to this practice as we go on?

After the activity:

To finish, let’s take few deep and wonderfully healing breaths, slip our feet into a comfortable pair of slippers, prepare a cup of something pleasant to drink, and scrounge up a little blanket.

Now, let’s sit in the best seat in the house and rest. We need this before going back to life as usual. Take it at an easy pace and give yourself space to do so.

If we thought of one thing we could do to comfort ourselves when we answered the questions in the activity above, let’s plan to take time to do that something today—even now if possible.

As we wrap things up, in our own ways, affirm that everything is going to be okay.

Let’s end by thanking ourselves for some wonderful self-work and self-care.

Now, onward to greet the rest of the day or night with greater peace.


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