July 3, 2021

Dear One, Let Go. You will be Okay.

I see how you are afraid to let go, to fully surrender.

I see how you are still holding on tight to the semblance of control you feel you have.

You can’t feel the peace you desire when you are clinging so tightly to the outcome of your decisions.

Let go.


Let yourself feel joy in the seemingly small, mundane moments of life.

Look around and let your senses take in the sights and smells of your life.

This is your life—your lovely, grand masterpiece. This time on Earth where you can be anything and anyone your heart desires.

Let’s bring those thoughts and feelings—the things we’ve been too scared to pursue to fruition.

You are deserving of love and light, to be less tied down by your spinning mind. To feel the joy, the pain, the excitement, the ambivalence—all of it. It is all here for you to feel.

It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone. It will feel slightly overwhelming at first, but once those jitters go away, you will know just what to do. The waves of your dreams will take you, and you will be floating on air. Your dreams will come true. You will bask in the happiness of the life you have created. All by stepping out in faith, by following your heart, and by creating the life you longed to live.

Will there still be rough days? There might. This is life after all.

If I succeed and all of my dreams come true, will I be dissatisfied with the result and keep dreaming up about more things to achieve and accomplish? Maybe, but I won’t know until I take that leap forward.

What if I work super hard and have all the faith, but my dreams don’t come true? We don’t know if we don’t try, but I believe you will succeed—100 percent.

What if people think my ego is taking over by following my dreams and that I should take a more planned out path or think I’m crazy for following my heart? Usually, those people have dreams of their own dying inside; we hope to inspire them by following ours.

I wish you the best on your journey of self-discovery and not following the rules society had laid out for us to follow. We can go our own way, carve our own path. Nothing can stop us now.

Hand in hand.

Walking to the beat of our own drum.

Feeling the earth’s foundation beneath our feet, finding our rhythm.

Realizing that life is less about materialism, consumerism, and more about creating moments that last forever in our mind’s eye—remembering that we help to mold and create our own experiences.

We are not victims here; we have a job to do. We can serve others and advocate; we can put our best foot forward to help others through our lived experiences. We are just paving this road for others to follow, to find the light. The sunlight of the spirit.

I will meet you there, friend.



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Read 14 comments and reply

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