July 13, 2021

5 Easy-to-Access Tools that Help Unveil More about our “Purpose.”


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It is not my experience that our purpose is something that we find after a great search, nor a mystical treasure that we come here to discover.

And while I do believe that we each have a unique imprint to place on this earth, I also don’t think there are things and qualities which make us “special,” better than, or even less than someone else.

I am not sharing this as a self-proclaimed purpose expert. I am simply someone who has witnessed thousands of people embrace their purpose journey, as a practitioner who focuses on embodiment. In doing so, I have seen four tools come in handy repeatedly.

May they be of benefit.

1. Values

Our values are our standards of behavior. We value what we cherish as sacred and important. In my experience, our purpose is in our values. When we align with our values each day, we have more energy and feel more fulfilled because we live according to what is important to us.

If I had to choose only one of these tools to share, I would choose this one. While there are infinite value quizzes online and in books, the one I appreciate the most is from value expert Dr. John DiMartini. He has a free value quiz that is no BS. His quiz empowers anyone who takes it to name their own value system. He teaches that values can and will change, so he arranged his system to store every quiz result, so it is easy to track progress.

My top values are my absolute bottom lines. Currently, they are spirituality and service, marriage, health, business, beauty, and learning and growth. Any offer, event, relationship, or conversation that doesn’t align with these is a no for me. In turn, my life feels on purpose each day.

2. Cards of your Destiny, Destiny Cards, or Cardology

While there are contrasting stories about the origin of playing cards, most agree that it is an old system connected to the Masons, Alchemy, ancient Egypt, the Tarot, the Kabbalah, and is more than a game. One of the first books on the subject was by Olney Richmond in 1893, and was titled The Mystic Test Book.

In 2004, a man named Robert Camp released a book, Cards of your Destiny. A year later, a woman named Alexis Summerfield introduced me to his work. I was married to my first husband, miserable in my job, and not healthy. I was lost and “looking for my purpose.”

She took one look at my destiny cards, and aside from accurately predicting the next year of my life (divorce included), she was able to tell me information about what I was good at and some things my soul was calling me to do. She pointed out the strength I had in running my own business; we discussed how writing, spirituality, and letting go all played a part in my “purpose.” I didn’t immediately quit my job and become a self-employed spiritual entrepreneur, but 10 years later, I did. Destiny Cards calculators are easy to google!

3. Tarot Birth Cards

While Tarot is based on the 52 playing cards mentioned above, it is a more enhanced system as “The Major Arcana” cards were added. Every person has a tarot birth card or two. It is easy to find a “tarot birth card” calculator online, and they can reveal fun information that may be new, and some affirming details we already know.

My cards are Temperance (balance, moderation) and the Hierophant (religious beliefs, marriage, knowledge sharing, blind faith). These together tell me that long-term goals are supportive, I am traditional, and I have the strength to balance emotions, use logic, and be practical. Finally, Temperance can represent art and alchemy, and the Hierophant represents beliefs and intuition. My beliefs and intuition, are my artistic expression, and through Feng Shui, Subtle Energy Medicine, and as a Spiritual Mentor, it is what I get to do every day.

4. Nine Star Ki

Nine Star Ki is a popular system of astrology that I was introduced to when I decided to become a Feng Shui Practioner. We all have three, nine-star ki numbers assigned when we are born, known as star energies. These provide us with various characteristics and traits; the first represents our basic character and essence, the second represents our inner child and reactions, and the third gives us information on our outer personality and how others perceive us.

For purpose inquiries, I look at all of them, but with a strong focus on the first. For example, I am a two black earth, which tells me I am happiest nurturing, caring for others, working hard, and being in partnerships. Two of earth people are also said to make good Feng Shui practitioners. When I found this out, I was already learning the art, but it was affirmative for my purpose journey. There are various Nine Star Ki calculators online, and one I find easiest to use and most accurate is here.

5. Our Little Self

This one may seem simple and obvious, but we ignore it time and again. To put it simply, there are endless clues to our purpose when we think about what we wanted to be when we were younger. We may not have had the vocabulary to define it perfectly, but there were certainly clues.

When I was five years old, I was on a local news story with my horse. When the reporter asked me if I wanted to be a cowgirl when I grew up, I replied, “No. I want to be a nurse.” It shocked everyone (including me), because I screamed at the sight of a needle or blood. Looking back, I knew I wanted to help channel healing energy, but didn’t know what to call it.

When we revisit the desires, dreams, and funny things we said as children, we find passion purpose clues.

There are many ways to uncover our purpose and meet ourselves on a deeper level. May one or two of these inspire or spark something new.

I believe that our purpose is within us and coded in our DNA. Part of life’s journey is to help that purpose reveal itself.

May the journey be fun.

Follow the joy, and we can’t go wrong!


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