July 24, 2021

I was just in Vermont. The air was thick with smoke…from the wildfire out in Oregon.

I was just in Burlington, and even further east of that, and in Boston. The air was thick with smoke…from the wildfire out in Oregon, and wildfires in Canada. The AQI (it’s on your phone, under weather) was at 113. That’s not safe. That’s not healthy. That’s not good for you.

There is no away.

We environmentalists like to say that. But when you’re touristing in Vermont and Boston and the air is poisoned by a fire in Oregon, well…it hits home.

If you want to live anywhere—if we want to live—we have to start changing our habits.


Think of one thing, small or large, you are actually inspired to change, and work on that. I went vegan, many years ago. I got rid of my car. I live zero-waste, or more like 1% waste (there are some things you can’t skip, but my trash can is small and nevertheless only gets emptied every 6 months).

None of this is to say that I’m perfect. If you know me, you know that notion is laughable. Hilarious. All of that is to say I’m trying. Join me. Comment here:

what is one eco thing you’d like to change in your life?

Because if we don’t start changing our habits, we will break this earth.

And, PS: if what you want to change is to start voting, or to otherwise advocate for corporations to change, or top-down change, good onya! But it can also be something like: using toothpaste tabs, or making your own, instead of buying toothpaste in a plastic container, as I did for most of my life.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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