July 12, 2021

Learning to Love the Reflection you See.


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Do you avoid mirrors like the plague?

I did as well, until I realized that mirrors could be my greatest ally in increasing my self-esteem and boosting body image.

Yes, at first it feels uncomfortable to say the least. You may notice that your archnemesis, the inner critic, begins that too familiar chant. “What did I tell you about those potato chips. See, they’ve gone right to your hips.”


As you ask your inner critic to step aside (after all, those comments are anything but helpful), you may notice something interesting. You may instead begin to see reflected back the positives you’ve been resisting and notice instead a compassionate voice.

Don’t be afraid to look right into your own eyes.

“The mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. It makes you immediately aware of where you are resisting and where you are open and flowing,” says mirrorwork guru Louise Hay. “It clearly shows you what thoughts you will need to change if you want to have a joyous, fulfilling life.”

One of the main benefits of mirror work is its ability to heal our wounded inner parts, those parts that have been bullied, critiqued, criticized, and exiled. When we bury these wounded parts we lose access to the pain, but also to some of the important parts of our inner child: our joy, spontaneity, and innocence.

Do you want to reclaim them for yourself?

While there is no right or wrong way to do mirror work, it does take commitment to make lasting changes.

Start small. Mirror work does not need to be something that you practice for hours on end. Anywhere between 2-5 minutes will be helpful. And it’s fine to use a hand held mirror rather than a full-length one.

Choose a believable affirmation. Next choose an affirmation for yourself or for the child within. What would you say to someone you love? Some examples are:

I am learning to love myself

I am strong

I trust in my own resilience

Look in the mirror and say your affirmation aloud. This is often the hardest step, and can bring up come challenging emotions. It’s okay if that happens. Sadness will soon give way to more neutral, and eventually positive emotions. Know that any and all emotions are okay. It’s also helpful to place one hand over your heart, which connects you even more deeply.

Reflect. My favorite way to reflect on my mirror work is in my journal. I simply record what came up for me, and the changes I’ve noticed as a result of my practice.

Are you ready? My challenge to you: two minutes daily for the next week.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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