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July 19, 2021

Life is a platter

These days I look at my life as if it’s a ceramic salmon colour platter, not specific to anything particular , a platter with mix of components kept on it and also some blank extra space .

I keep adding varius components and life keeps taking away some of them. Very rarely has my platter been full and fortunately it has never been entirely empty.

Colourful marbles on the platter represent some solid relationships that I have accumulated in life, no amount of dust of life has chipped away their shine , and everytime I look at these marbles I feel that I have some lovely people to hold me up in life.

Few scattered potpourri flowers strewn across the platter remind me of the remnants of my professional life, still present , still not fully blooming but still hopeful of a revival.

Some post its stuck on the sides of the platter, in neon bright colours, push me to work towards my goals, they are a reminder of motivation that I need to keep fluid each day.

Beautiful trinkets from some lovely moments of my life kept to boost my day , some small keepsakes from back home, little reminders of family trips, friends and my wedding.

My platter represents every aspect of my life that has made me happy , made me look deep inside my own self and also made me dream more.

However some space is always vacant , waiting for the next chapter of my life to start, the vacant space sometimes tugs at my heart for the longing I have to experience joys that are yet to come, the anticipation of life changing experiences.

The vacant space reminds me that the platter of my life will keep accumulating more experiences and memories, that I should wait.

The platter that is my life, is indeed a snapshot of years lived on earth, but it is also a boost to my morale, a reminder of good days ahead, a happy place for when the sun doesn’t shine.

Whenever I feel I cannot move further, the platter helps me ground myself and remind me to get back up.

For life is about filling up the platter each day and every day.

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