July 12, 2021

Meditations on Swan Symbolism & Its Graceful Message.

I love the graceful way the swan delivers its messages to me.

The Shamanic Journey website tells us:

“Swan’s wisdom includes awakening the power of self, balance, grace, inner beauty, innocence, self-esteem, understanding dream symbols, seeing into the future, understanding spirituality, evolution, developing intuitive abilities, divination, grace in dealing with others, and commitment.

Grace doesn’t mean only the ability to live a balanced life, it is also being able to be at home in many planes of reality, to see that we are more than we appear to be—we are both physical and spiritual beings. We are souls having a human experience.”

I’ve learned from the swan’s demonstration that no matter how life unfolds, we may know grace in the waters of life when we pause to be still and present—if life is calm and clear, or turbulent and murky. Out of the dirt, rain, mud, and moisture will rise new life—or a new perspective, fresh start, expansion, and even nourishment.

There are times when the swan showed up in my life when I needed to be reminded to trust my intuitive abilities more. The swan reminded me that in the same way I was kind, gentle, and compassionate toward myself, then it is with the same grace and graciousness that I could do so for others.

Sometimes the swan would grace her way into my experience right when I needed to be reminded of the beauty I have, and hold, from the inside out. The swan reminded me of the inner grace and true beauty of the divine that we all emanate from, invoking that natural sense of esteem, worth, and value, as our very existence is the physical, demonstrated proof. Not always remembering that, it is good to have a reminder from the spirit world through a willing messenger, such as the swan.

When I think of the power and endurance that a swan has to fly quickly, at great heights, at a slow and steady pace, it reminds me of the value and power of endurance. It tells me that I have the same ability because I am sourced from the source energy that creates worlds—and that I am an emanation of, as we all are. I always have access to this divine wisdom, and the capacity to bridge the spiritual and the physical realms. I know that I have been inspired to share these insights, with grace, for you to be reminded, too.

The swan reminds me to be intuitive in my choices and my environment. My intuition is the voice of my inner being or wisdom where the divine speaks to me and guides me. Healing, or renewal and transformation, are constant in life. Therefore, go in grace with the only constant, which is change. Evolution. Enjoy the journey, knowing there’s always going to be another destination to reach for at every turn.

When working with the swan (or any animal messenger, spirit, power, or animal totem), the best way to understand the message and how it’s speaking to me is to get to know the animal from its habit, how it behaves, insights others have discovered, and most importantly, what it resembles for me and my life. To invoke a relationship with the divine that is alive in everything around us is a joyful, sacred, and fun journey, because life is meant to be filled with the adventure of creating and refining ourselves—it’s how we ultimately express and show up in life.

I invite you to take time to meditate and let the spirit of the swan speak to your heart.

How does the graceful swan messenger inspire or speak to you?

When I think about the swan and her grace and beauty, places that I feel she would inspire me would be areas of tranquility, mindfulness, and meditation. Perhaps when I sit down in the morning to do my gratitude journaling in my notebook, sipping tea from my coffee mug with the swan’s image reflecting gracefully to me, feels inspiring.

The photograph of the swan shared here is called “Beautiful Messenger – Swan Symbolism,” which is an image of a beautiful white swan on a lake. The image has been digitally enhanced with a white vignette to allow the swan to be the photograph’s focal point. The soft rippling water is reflecting the clear blue sky, evergreens and trees from the woods, and the swan peacefully afloat on a clear autumn day. The image was taken at Gallup Park, Michigan, in early fall during full sunlight. The photography and digital artwork are done by me. Various prints, décor, apparel, and lifestyle items can be found on my online gallery.

There are various ways to be reminded and inspired with the images of the swan at home and all around us. May you let your day-to-day journey be filled with grace, happiness, and beauty.


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