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July 14, 2021

No Armour No More, Mon Amore

My thirst for wholeness

Drove me wild with desire

My longing for you

Kept me awake breathless

This darkness

Unconscious to aliveness

I felt it reverberating

In its entirety

Here is everything

All my life for you

Yet without you

All feels lifeless

This one shadow

Cast in untruth

This one distraction

Had me unravelled

Oh forgiveness

Bring me home

Oh God

Caress this heart

Oh tenderness

How sweet your song

Alas for now

Savage is the dark knight

His teaching

Is here to unearth integrity

Oh how I burn in this love

Let my resistance now cease

For tonight

Nothing shall remain

In these sacred ashes

Return me from whence I came

I’m here to arise


I shall honour the darkness

Give it to the light

I shall witness all these parts

To reclaim my wholeness

Perhaps my love

I can see you better this way

Let these tears

Release now

No longer to hide

This nakedness

Know these eyes of love

No armour no more


Defenceless I am

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