July 22, 2021

People Pleasing & the Desperate Urge to Fix Others.


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Do you know why we are encouraged to not feed wild animals?

Because feeding wild animals alters their DNA when they become too reliant on humans. This affects their ability to hunt independently.

Humans are the same way. If we continuously step into places we shouldn’t, we are enabling codependency. This may cause us to end up feeling like we can’t or don’t have to conquer the world on our own.

This leads to a lot of burden on our backs and a lack of accountability (and why we might feel resentful).

I believe in discovering the root cause of our patterns rather than using “Band-Aid” quick fixes. When I am working with clients, we peel back layers of experiences only to discover the little girl who is actually unconsciously trying to save her parents through other people.

It hasn’t yet clicked that her parents’ misery was far beyond her control and something she could have never fixed. But she is convinced that being a “good girl” means negotiating her worth and bending her boundaries.

Driven by fear, she’s desperately trying to avoid abandonment. Her pattern is a low-key attempt to control people.

Healing your mother and father wound is a crucial part of awakening your elite feminine sovereignty. Otherwise, it festers and keeps us trapped in the energetics of a girl preventing us from blossoming into a woman.

My signature healing process includes severing the energetic ties to your parents so you can individuate and no longer be enmeshed.

Once you begin to illuminate, you will slowly see yourself blossom as the goddess you are—with clear, set boundaries that limit that amount of access people have to your love and energy.

This goddess honors her majestic “no”—discerning the people who need genuine support versus the ones looking to take advantage of her kindness.

This new level of reverence will be the key to unlocking a whole new world of possibilities, including calling in supreme men with impeccably high self-esteem who adore you. You will have the ability to call in the kind of being that ignites a high level of respect from those around you.

What are you secretly hoping to prove when you take on other people’s burdens?

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