July 30, 2021

Psychic Readings may be Triggering, but they can Free Us.


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My favorite kind of psychic reading may surprise you.

Most people who schedule a psychic date with me are looking for validation and answers to the decisions they have already made for themselves, which sometimes complicate their feelings about their reading.

I was once a hairstylist and my full-time job was delivering the exact result my client asked for—so much so that if they didn’t love it the first go, they would come back for an additional foil or tweak.

With psychic reading, I’m now in a full-time job of delivering the truth. And the truth isn’t always in direct correlation with people’s personal agendas.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that hard work, a great plan, and even a little manifesting can get us what we believe we want.

But…we can’t always manipulate fate. 

My favorite readings are the ones where I have someone sitting across from me, pursing their lips, uncomfortable with everything I am saying.

For example:

The client is looking for love, she has gone to workshops, therapists, and has been manifesting the sh*t out of this man in her mind, and she is there to find out his arrival date and if he matches her imagination.


He is for sure coming, and I see you meeting at a restaurant by accident. He is the nicest guy who’s secure in his decisions.

He is new to California, which is why you haven’t met him yet. His job brought him here—I want to say he is in the accounting arena, really stable, but California isn’t his jam.

When you meet, it will be a quick courtship. I see two babies, you moving to Oregon or Washington, and having a beautiful farm where you get to be this organic momma and write books.

But more importantly, this love between you and this man will be deep impenetrable love.


I will never leave California, and I’ve already written a book, I don’t want to write more books, and this man sounds just…ugh. Boring.

What I know doesn’t always fit our expectations, but it does fulfill our soul’s plotline.

The truth is two-fold:

1. As a messenger of spirit, it is shared with me after that the reading was meant to trigger the client a bit because they were so convinced of their plan that it actually stood in the way of the possibilities available to them. This reading is what I call a door-three reading. It is the highest potential and possibility available—not always the one they will choose.

This client, for example, could date someone who doesn’t bore her on the surface. She may not fulfill her soul’s quest, but she will have free will.

2. The truth is, our plans and expectations are c*ck blocks to spirit.

Let me explain:

What we want in career and love and even for breakfast are uniquely ours—they are divinely given to us in our DNA, but the plan of how we are going to get to that love or that job or that paycheck may be blocking better opportunities.

The best check is to see if we are manifesting or manipulating.

Are you white-knuckling your decisions? Are you resentful? Are you angry that nothing is going your way? Do you see other people getting what they want, but feel you never get what you want? These are signs of being out of alignment.

Psychic readings can be triggering because they show us a path we didn’t plan on.

But the reading can also free us, guide us, and help us navigate life more authentically.

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