July 16, 2021

27 Ways to Raise Your Vibration.


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We used to hear a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction (LOA).

When the book The Secret was published in 2006, I noticed people forming book clubs and discussion groups.

For the past several years, I have seen the conversation shift to The Law of Vibration, which states everything moves; every sound, thing, and thought has a unique vibrational frequency.

A vibration cycle occurs when the object moves from one position to another extreme and back again. The number of cycles a vibrating object completes in one second is called frequency, which determines our vibration.

When energy moves from point a to point b quickly, we have a fast or high vibe. When the energy moves slowly, we have a weak or low vibe. Neither is good nor bad; both provide information on where shifts are possible for us if we seek them.

A google search for the Law of Vibration delivers many ideas, YouTube videos, and lessons on ways to keep a high vibe: eat high vibe, live high vibe, and be high vibe.

Bob Proctor, a Canadian self-help author who contributed to The Secret, speaks to the Law Of Vibration in many free resources online. His goal is to provide information to help us transform our vibration to a greater level to take significant action and have an extraordinary life experience.

I agree with Proctor when he says, “Attraction is a law but it’s the secondary law, the primary law is the law of vibration. The law of vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. It decrees that everything moves, nothing rests, we literally live in an ocean of motion.”

I find being responsible for our frequency essential. There are many ways we can keep a “high vibration.”

The following are ways I shift my vibration:

1. Eat high-frequency foods (the higher food grows from the ground, the higher the frequency)

2. Cook or bake and send love into food

3. Breathe deeply and slowly into the tummy, not the chest (breathing into the chest activates fight-flight-freeze)

4. Use sound—music, chimes, sound bowls, or binaural beats (not advised for anyone prone to seizures)

5. Bring plants into the home or yard, and talk to them

6. Sauna

7. Pay attention to emotions and focus on faster vibing emotions like peace, love, joy, and acceptance

8. Diffuse high-quality* essential oils in the house or put them on the bottoms of your feet

9. Take an Epsom salt bath (and consider adding high-quality* essential oils)

10. Learn about and use ethically sourced* crystals

11. Declutter or clean

12. Rest, sleep, or nap when called to

13. Stop gossip, complaining, blaming, and victimhood

14. Walk barefoot on the grass or gaze at plants

15. Read something positive

16. Meditate (here are five ways to take meditation from long and boring to light and joyful)

17. Move (I find joy and laughter in belly dancing with a hip scarf)

18. Give time by volunteering somewhere

19. Pet your dogs, take them for a walk, or throw the ball for them

20. Give a compliment in a note with a small surprise gift (like flowers on windshields) for strangers

21. Put down electronics and take a technology break

22. Keep a gratitude journal

23. Watch a fun show or funny movie

24. Forgive (I share my forgiveness process here)

25. Chakra balancing work

26. Use Feng Shui to assist the energy in your home environment

(*Important to note: essential oils, crystals, and other products used with the intention to raise vibration must be high quality and ethically sourced, or else we may move in the opposite direction we are intending.)

With all said, there is one way I find is the absolute best way to raise our frequency.

Listen to yourself.

I realize the suggestion sounds almost too easy, too simple, and not profound enough to make an impact. Yet, it’s the simplest things that have the potential to make a significant difference, and it’s those simple things we don’t create space for. Taking a moment to stop, breathe, and talk to ourselves may not be as sexy as placing a beautiful amethyst in a crystal grid, doing a circle sit, or creating various essential oil recipes, but it is effective.

I witness clients and people in my Facebook group trying new ways to raise their frequency. They go all in doing all the things listed above, wanting to “get it right,” at times spending beyond their means for some large crystal meant to shift everything, even if they doubt what they are doing.

The process turns frantic and ends up being a tailspin, defeating the purpose.

How often do we take the time to listen to our heart, our truth, and what we feel is best, then act upon the guidance received?

While the 26 ways I mention help raise the vibration around us, if something we read or learn doesn’t call to our souls, but we take action anyway, we end up “shoulding” on ourselves, which lowers our frequency.

Can we try, instead, each morning to place our hands over our hearts and ask…

What do I need today? What do I desire in this moment? 

If the answer is ice cream, eat it. Meditation and breath? Breathe. If it’s buying a crystal we’ve been obsessing over, make the purchase.

As a subtle energy medicine practitioner who reads energy for others every day, people come to me to give them their answers. Of course, there are times the process no doubt helps, and don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the work. However, I also want to empower others to embody their being and raise the shift out of their frequency. That starts with standing in our power, listening to our truth, and living it!

If you try asking yourself, “What do I need today? What do I desire in this moment,” for seven days, I can promise you will feel lighter, and I don’t take promises lightly.


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