July 15, 2021

Reclaiming our Power through the “Chakra System”—& 3 steps to Get Started.


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What does reclaiming your power even mean?

This isn’t about having power over someone else. It isn’t about being better than the next person. It isn’t ego-fueled in any capacity. What means is remembering who you are and what you stand for, and owning it.

We get so lost and caught up in the day in and day out of our lives: working to earn a dollar, finding the perfect lover so we can have the beautiful marriage, the babies, and the white-picket-fence, along with all of the other old stories that our parents and grandparents created for us as the definition of “success.”

Think about it. We spend high school trying to please our parents, then trying to impress colleges with our abilities, then switch gears to the constant need to try and impress our bosses to prove our worth (literally). We never really ever get the time to figure out who we are deep down and what truly matters to us, because we are so busy living the life that someone else said we should be living.

When we do this, we end up with people-pleasing patterns and tendencies. It creates worthiness issues based on not feeling good enough or successful enough, no matter how amazing, gifted, and talented we are. This generally leads to manifesting illnesses, either physical or mental, that we try to suppress and “push through” with medicine or numbing coping mechanisms like TV, alcohol, drugs, or sex.

What has been kept hidden from us is our ability to heal these illnesses and the root cause of our issues on our own.

Our chakra system, a vortex of energy in the body that regulates specific organs and emotions in that area, is one of the best guides we can use to work through our mental and physical issues throughout our lives. Our emotions are directly linked to our physical symptoms, and everything ties back to energy. When a certain chakra is imbalanced, the emotional issues surface to show us that something is off energetically. When we don’t recognize this emotional symptom as a warning sign and address it, it begins to form physical symptoms.

This is how our body constantly communicates with us to let us know exactly what is going on. It’s up to us to pay attention and handle it so we can maintain our health. When our health goes downhill, our energetic frequency drops, and we become more receptive to negativity. The more we can recognize our energy level at any given moment, the quicker and easier it becomes to take back our power.

Here are three tips on how to start reclaiming our power using our energy:

1. Recognize what your baseline energy is and journal about it.

Take notes on days when you feel good, happy, or regular. How does your body feel? Note how your energy shifts when you have certain foods, alcohol, or caffeine, when you have a specific person interact with you, and when you are doing certain activities. Take notes to get to know your energy as well as how and why it shifts from day to day.

2. Get to know your chakras and uncover your energy blockages.

Using the chakra system, notice where your physical and emotional symptoms are coming from. Are you feeling indigested? Did it start after a certain trigger has caused you to feel unworthy, anxious, or doubtful of yourself? This is the solar plexus chakra calling out for balance.

Are you getting choked up during a meeting, feeling a hoarse throat or a tickle that causes a coughing fit? Were you not speaking your truth or freely expressing your authentic self? This is your throat chakra showing you that it’s being blocked. When you can quickly notice your physical symptoms, it will help you identify your hidden emotions so that you can tackle that emotional pattern, work through it, and alleviate your symptoms.

3. Learn to set boundaries.

Ahh, boundary setting. One of the most uncomfortable yet empowering things that we can do as humans. Setting boundaries is how we reclaim our power. Recognize through the notes you’ve taken on your energy journal where you need to set and enforce boundaries. These boundaries could be with people you’ve identified as energy vampires who drain you, they could be through limiting foods that you’ve recognized lower your vibrations, or increasing the time you spend in the space where you would recharge your batteries and practice healthy self-care habits.

When you can clearly see that your energy is leaking and having an effect on your entire body, it is easier to enforce these boundaries.

As with everything else, the more we practice these three steps, the easier it becomes to reclaim our power and take back control over our lives.

We are the only ones in control of our energy, so we must stop giving this precious life force away.

Everything that we want in our life is possible, and it’s up to us to shift our energy so that we can receive what we want. Let’s raise our vibes and create a better world together, starting with ourselves.


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