July 22, 2021

Stop Looking for your One True Love.


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The entire room is silent except for the beat of my heart.

I can feel the blood pulsing through my veins. It is silent just before our eyes meet for the first time. I can’t look away. He refuses to look away.

Butterflies erupt in the pit of my stomach. My breath slows. My head begins to spin.

This is the moment I fall in love with him. A moment I will never forget.

I feel his stare throughout the night. My skin feels on fire. It hurts not to look toward him. I refuse to look toward him.

He makes his way across the room. I have no choice but to meet his eyes again. His green eyes bore into mine. His cocky smile sends a bolt of lightning through my heart.

He walks me home. We talk about the stars and he holds my hand as we make our way through the city streets.

We stand at my front door. I nervously cross my arms. He fiddles with his keys in his pocket.

He moves a bit closer. I bite my bottom lip to stop myself from talking. He removes his hands from his pockets to make his move.

He places one hand around my waist as his other hand gently grips the back of my head. He pulls me closer.

His lips feel cold against mine. His tongue playfully licks my lips until I open my mouth to accept it. He tastes like cinnamon. It instantly becomes my favorite flavor.

Both his hands wrap around my waist to bring me even closer. There is no space between us, yet my body needs him closer.

We kiss under the full moon until my lips are swollen. I pull away. I need to end the night, or I will never stop kissing him.

I fell madly in love with him that night.

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I didn’t plan it. I didn’t want it. I hadn’t wished for it.

I just felt it in every fiber of my being. It was a tingling sensation that swept through me like a thunderstorm.

There was no warning. No sirens to alert me of the dangerous conditions I was about to endure.

It may not be true love. It may not be lasting love. It may not even be healthy love. But it was love, nonetheless. I fell hard.

We can’t make up those feelings that take over our body, mind, and soul the moment we fall.

It’s the most incredible moment. It’s the moment where the stars, moon, and sun all align at the exact moment to hand us what we were born to do—love.

I didn’t know him. I knew nothing of his goals or his values or his profession or even if he liked cats or dogs. I just knew he had a special something that just clicked for me in every way with just one glance.

It wasn’t about his looks. There was nothing spectacular at all about his looks. If anything, he was slightly odd looking. I don’t even think I actually looked at his face.

It was not his body. I couldn’t tell if he was muscular or flabby under his clothes.

I knew it was not his personality. I didn’t know him at all. He could have been a terrible person.

We didn’t know each other but that didn’t take away anything from what we felt the moment our eyes met.

It was a powerful, mystical boom that kicked my heart into overdrive.

I wasn’t confused about whether or not I liked him. I didn’t wonder how he felt about me. There were no games. I knew it. He knew it. We both felt it at the exact moment.

There were no thoughts of forever. No expectations. There were no goals or plans about the future. It was just that feeling of love in that moment.

I didn’t need to think about whether he was someone I could spend the rest of my life with. Just because we didn’t know where it would go, it didn’t mean our very first moment was any less.

It was love at first sight. We can’t see it, but it vibrates within us. There is no formula that calculates those feelings. We don’t get many moments like that; it just happens.

I would fall in love at first sight over and over again for the chance to feel alive. Accept it for what it is, a beautiful moment in time.

Life is filled with moments.

These moments are what make up our lives. Fall in love with every moment in our lives. Feel these moments. Accept them. Connect with them. Absorb them. Cherish them. Breathe into them.

Our sole purpose in this life is not to search for our one true love. It’s to love.

I believe love at first sight exists; it’s a life-changing moment. There doesn’t need to be a point to it. When it happens to us, we’ll know it. We’ll feel it. We’ll go with it. Enjoy it.

Let us believe in the power of love at first sight.


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Read 52 comments and reply

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