July 11, 2021

The Moon Whispered to the Stars {Poem}

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I’ve always been a night person.

Observing the moon, the stars, and the fog gives me a sort of serenity that I cannot find during the day. It’s always bugged me when horror movies use the night to stir fear in the spectators, when truly, things that happen during broad daylight should be feared the most.

Let’s celebrate the beauty and serenity of the night and the moon.

To all my night owls out there! 


The moon whispered to the stars:

“Why do humans despise the night,
wish it inexistent and replaced by light?

Why do humans fear the dark,
run from its hums, and look for a spark?

You glow in the gloom and lighten their way.
Why should they hide and fearfully pray?

The night is serene and peaceful to the mind.
It is an escape and brings hope to their kind.”

The stars whispered to the moon:

“The human mind is easy to understand.
You associate their subconscious with what comes at hand.

If the night represents a dangerous face,
then a horrible memory must have scarred them in a certain place.

Demons use the night to attack,
when people are most vulnerable, they stab in the back.

Humans fear the night for it comes with surprises,
and everything unknown, a human despises.”

The moon whispered to the stars:

“Sins are only created by temptation.
Falling into it, humans escape salvation.

Why should the night pay for their thoughts,
when it truly offers possibilities they’ve often sought?

Should they lay in the arms of silence,
they ought to embrace their engulfing stillness.

They fear their sins but do not fear the night,
for it unfolds what daylight tends to hide.”

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Read 3 comments and reply

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