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July 31, 2021

Vicious to delicious, part two.

In our last post, we chatted about the Spring and Summer of your cycle.

Today, we’ll discuss what to expect in the Autumn and Winter of your cycle. This is probably a time when we want to be most laid back and go within. It’s the cozy-time part of the month.

Science name: Luteal Phase 

Season: Fall/ Autumn

Feeling: Inspiration and Self-love

The luteal phase is commonly referred to as pre-menstrual syndrome or PMT phase.

In our bodies:

During this phase our energy naturally dips, and we tend to physically withdraw, or at least feel like we want to hibernate. Gentler, less strenuous forms of exercise such as Yoga, walks, and Pilates serve us well during this time. This is also when our bodies crave warmer, comforting foods. Choose healthy options, instead of sugar and fats, and ensure high intake of fibre to support the body’s functions. And good quality chocolate, of course!

In our hearts:

As progesterone levels decrease in our bodies, we experience a slower, more relaxed temperament. This is a good time to make self-care a priority, be comfortable, rest and curl up with a book, take long baths and not force ourselves to be physically or socially active if our bodies and minds prefer to be still. Our desire to nest increases during the luteal phase, and we might find ourselves re-arranging furniture or beautifying our homes. It’s a time to be cosy.

In our minds:

We have enhanced awareness and attention to detail during this phase. We can also tend to get anxious and fidgety during this phase, especially in the second half. There is a feeling of ‘getting things over with’ which is caused by the build-up of the uterine lining. It’s a great idea to channelize this energy and use it as a Queenly superpower to complete activities that require an attention to detail and problem-solving skills: spreadsheets, bill payments, organizing filing cabinets, running sales figures, etc.

Science name: Menstrual Phase 

Season: Winter

Feeling: Release, Renewal and Reflection

In our bodies: 

This is a time of low physical energy as our bodies begins the shedding the uterine lining. Like the latter half of the luteal phase, this is a good time to rest and indulge in gentler, softer forms of exercise like stretching and walking. In terms of food, it’s best to have nutrient-dense, low-glycaemic and easy to digest foods and drinks like khichadi (an Anglo-Indian dish made with rice, good fats and spices), stews, soups and herbal teas.

In our hearts:

During menstruation, there is equal communication between our left and right brains, providing easy access to our intuition. We feel extra psychic and tuned in. It is also a time of deep release (physically and energetically), introspection, and letting go. This is a great time to rest, review, process, set intentions, and visualize the Queenly lives we want to create. Writing in a journal is a great way to get clarity during this time. This phase often brings a desire to stay indoors and get some solo-time.

In our minds:

What thoughts, items and decisions are not serving us well? Perhaps it’s time to let go of them. Both at work and home, the menstrual phase offers great opportunities to reflect and release anything that is no longer serving us. Reviewing projects and employee performance, re-evaluating proposals and ventures happen more naturally during this phase than other phases.

Many women have noticed that on the few days before and the first day or two of our periods, we feel an urge to organize our homes or work spaces, cleaning out our closets – and our lives. Our natural biological cleansing is accompanied by a psychological cleansing as well.

During the Fall/Autumn phases, we turn more inward, preparing to develop or give birth to something that comes from deep within ourselves. Society is not nearly as keen on this as it is on the Spring phase. We judge our premenstrual energy, emotions, and inward mood as ‘bad’ and ‘unproductive’, rather than see the beauty, wisdom and truth that can come from slowing down and reflecting.

These cycles are so symbolic of the cycles of our lives and how to honour each phase for what it brings and its values even as we age.

Queens, let’s start taking the time to slow down and honour ourselves in each phase of our cycles and recognise them for the gifts they are!

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