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July 28, 2021

We Are Only As Free..

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We are only as free…

as our minds allow us to be.

Remember this in times of fear, you are only here for as long as your body allows you to be.

It is no accident you were born here on earth,  Yet you only truly live if you allow yourself to just be.

You have wings that exist to allow you to fly, but you only reach the height you determine is too high. Read that again.

You have strength built within your bones, but you can only carry the load you decide is yours to own.

Your dreams speak to you as you sleep throughout the night, but you only hear what you strive to remember in the waking light.

There will be people you encounter that might rattle your cage, but it only shakes as hard as you allow yourself to feel that rage. Read that again.

There is information traveling throughout the world meant to manipulate, but it is only you who decides that you are enslaved.

There is evil disguised as what is best for the good of humanity, but it is you who allows yourself to repeat the insanity.

There are words destroying the boundaries we have created to stop hate being spoken, but it is up to you to decide whether or not those lines become broken. Read that again.

Illness spreads yet it’s not a lab created virus, It is up to US to make the decision on what we allow to seep inside us.

Yet there is a movement most have let pass right by their eyes, because some have let others choose for them what they should believe is wise. Read that again.

This is not a matter of a vaccine or politics, this is separation on a grand scale based on a psychological response of fear of becoming sick…

Yet we are all sick. Sick of the pain and sick of the voices, that strip us of our freedom on a land where we were promised to be able to make our own choices.

We have forgotten to love and forgotten to accept we are all here to survive, we have forgotten the true meaning of why we are alive.

We have attached ourselves to bodies that are not meant to live forever, we have lost the meaning of sticking together.

We are stuck in an illusion and getting lost in confusion, while some of us are getting blamed for living in delusion.

But we are only as  free as our minds allow us to be, that choice exists within you as long as you allow it to be.

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