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July 16, 2021

Your cycle and the moon, part two.

Let’s explore the magic of our menstrual cycles in a little more detail to see how to use each phase in the best possible and most magical way.
Before Ovulation
Many women find that they are at their peak of expression in the outer world from the onset of their menstrual cycle until ovulation. Their energy is outgoing and upbeat. They are filled with enthusiasm and new ideas as well as being quite willing to organise their house and help others.
Peak Ovulation
At mid-cycle, we are naturally more open to others and to new ideas – more ‘fertile’.
Sexual desire also peaks for many women at mid-cycle, and our bodies secrete pheromones into the air that increase our sexual attractiveness to others. (Our male-dominated society values this very highly, and we internalize it as a ‘good’stage of our cycle.)
Personally, I feel more empowered, more ‘on’, so to speak, and able to get more things done and feel present in situations. I get very bright and outgoing and want to give of myself to those around me and the world, and I kind of feel like Superwoman for a few days.
Imagine what we could manifest in our businesses and lives if we planned things for this part of our month! 
Now for the part of the cycle that is less honoured by society…
After Ovulation
The weeks following ovulation lead up to our periods; this is an introspective and reflective time, looking back upon what has been created and on the challenges or difficult aspects of our lives that might need changing. 
A researcher friend told me that during this part of her cycle, she prefers to do routine tasks that require little input from others or expansive thought on her part.
Here’s a time where we tend to go within, withdrawn from social and external activities.
Luteal Phase: Also known as ‘Seeing in the Dark’
Since our culture generally appreciates only what we can understand rationally, many women tend to block, at every opportunity, the flow of unconscious lunar information that comes to us premenstrually or during our menstrual cycle. 
Lunar information is reflective and intuitive. It comes to us in our dreams, our emotions, and our hungers. It comes under cover of darkness and often with little rational thinking, based on feelings and hunches.
Studies have shown that women’s dreams are more frequent and often more vivid during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of our cycles. 
When we routinely block the information that is coming to us in the second half of our menstrual cycles, it has no choice but to come back as PMS or menopausal madness, in the same way that our other feelings and bodily symptoms, if ignored, often result in illness.
This is so important because in general, we’ve learned to ignore, hide, or negatively project into our cycles. 
Learning to trust the knowledge we get when we are in this dark space is where the magic is at.  
We’ve all heard ‘You’re PMSing,’ or ‘You’re moody,’ or ‘Is it your time of the month?’ When we experience this, we can feel demoralised, powerless or irritated. But what if through kindness and pleasure, we allow ourselves to take the time to access deep wisdom at this stage of our cycles?
The luteal phase, from ovulation until the onset of menstruation, is when we women are most in tune with our inner knowing and with what isn’t working in our lives. If listened to and responded to with care and action, this offers an opportunity to improve and inspire us every single month. WHAT A SUPERPOWER!! 
When we menstruate: 
In the first few days of our cycles, we have an opportunity to go really deep. For me, I feel like an ocean moving through me … literally like water all around my body. I am deeply reflective and enjoy the deep witchy power of my moon time. I almost feel like I’m super psychic during my period – like I’ll think about someone, and they’ll call, or I’ll wish for something, and it will happen. The only time I notice pain is when I am struggling to let go of something in myself emotionally from the month previously. 
With all of this knowledge, imagine how in sync and flowing our lives could be if we could use our cycles and rode the waves without resistance. We could plan properly, connect with people better, and have far fewer struggles. An easy way to start is by downloading an app to track your cycle and becoming aware of how your cycle flows each month. 
When we learn to navigate our cycles and use them to our advantage, rather than struggling against them, life becomes easy and delicious. As it should be.
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