August 31, 2021

6 Pleasurable ways to Commit ourselves to our Feminine Business.


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Let’s face it: you are a deeply feminine entrepreneur.

You are probably a queen at working on your energy and mindset—you practice daily affirmations, sex magic, daily journaling, charge your crystals during each full moon, pull your tarot cards daily for guidance, and ask your guides to send you new clients and abundance.

You are meant to uplift the planet. This is your zone of genius.

But…sometimes you get bogged down by the day-to-day business.

Things like taxes, delegating, and strict copy-writing schedules take you out of your zone of genius.

I see you oscillating between the ultra-feminine realms of fantasy and pleasure, which can lead to inertia.

And the soul-sucking, mundane old paradigm of doing, which can lead to burnout.

My love, what if it didn’t need to be this way?

Instead, I have another option for you.

I invite you into the higher realms of feminine business—into transcending your fantasies about your business and stepping into your highest self.

Here are six steps to devote yourself to your feminine business today:

1. Look at your bank account often and organize your finances.

I believe the formula of gratitude (every time you open your bank account) plus organizing allows you to untangle the matrix and become a clear channel for a healthy flow of wealth. Spreadsheet life can be simple and sexy—yes, I already feel your resistance.

2. Make a list of your fantasies in your business.

Find out where you may be participating in wishful thinking. I, for example, often wish that all I need to do is post stories of myself in the bath, and out and about in Amsterdam, to draw in my f-yes clients. While embodying what you teach is important, not actually letting your audience know what you are offering is not going to lead to sales. The lesson: write out your wishful thinking list, and use your truth to act and raise your frequency.

3. Ignite your highest self daily.

Envision the version of yourself who is already living her soul’s work and living in wealth. What is her essence before words? How does she move? What is her message to you about how she desires to run for her business? Connect with her. Anticipate what she needs in order to thrive today—like putting a daily reminder on your phone or a sticky note by your computer reminding yourself of who the hell you truly are.

4. Write a love letter to your dream client.

Rather than “think” what they want from your mind, go a level deeper. Anticipate what they truly seek so that you can speak into their deepest wants and find a solution to give what are passionate about to them.

5. Remind yourself that money does not define you.

Stop outsourcing your worthiness to money. A woman who sources her worthiness from other places—like her deep love for her work or her connection to source or pleasure—has a magnetizing energetic aura around her, for she knows the deepest feminine secret of them all: that her power comes from deep within.

6. Higher a team, Mama!

There are hundreds of thousands of incredible individuals all over the world who dream of supporting female entrepreneurs and they range across all price ranges.

Affirm to yourself with these words: the more support I get, the safer I feel. The more relaxed I am, the more money I naturally make.

Love, you get to stay in your feminine while elevating your highest self in your business.

The results I’ve gotten from implementing the above have turned my business from an inspiring hobby into an actual business. I currently have a team of three, while I make a beautiful income, serve the most incredible women in all the land, and have learned to see my business as a healthy extension of me, instead of it being all of me.

You get to keep your business feminine by allowing it to be a clear channel to receive. I love you. You got this.

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