August 26, 2021

8 Powerful Ways to receive Guidance from Spirit Guides Every Day.


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For so many years, I never thought to ask for help from the divine. It seemed silly and childish.

I tried to figure everything out on my own, and my life was a reflection of my ego’s thinking. I was endlessly figuring it out myself.

It wasn’t until I was in a potentially life-threatening situation with my children, when I was completely vulnerable and helpless, that I felt compelled to ask the divine for help. 

In the middle of chaos and fear unlike anything I’d ever known, I prayed and asked for help. Not only were my children and myself delivered to safety, but I was lead down a path of ever-deepening connection with spirit.

Asking for divine assistance became a lifestyle, and I am still in a near-constant conversation with the divine. I am amazed by the miraculous unfolding of my life since discovering my “divine team.” Of course, my life is far from perfect, (I’m not even sure what that means,) but the quality of my life keeps getting better and better.

I receive guidance many times a day now. However, before I get into the wonderful and simple methods I’ve used to contact these higher dimensional beings, I’d like to make it clear that I do not believe in guides, angels, or a higher self in the traditional sense. I believe that spirit guides are not anything mystical or magical “out there” in the heavens.

Spirit guides are within us, at our disposal at all times. The ones we call upon are the highest and most divine parts of our beautiful selves, readily accessible for every single one of us.

Our spiritual guides are within us, now.

This does not in any way diminish the power of using these benevolent beings. Actually, I believe that this means that our guides are more influential than we ever imagined possible, and our relationships with these beings can be more intimate and loving because we are never separated from them.

We can and should use these powerful beings in the same way that we use our arms and legs.

I’ve never heard anyone say, “I feel bad asking my legs to walk to the fridge. It’s not important enough. I shouldn’t ask my legs for that,” or “Using my hands to paint my nails is too self-centered, I should use them only to help other people.”

Each one of us can ask for help continuously—with everything. There is nothing too small or too big, and these highest parts of us want to be asked for help and guidance.

The divine is waiting for us to ask for guidance in this moment. Start asking now—there is no wrong way. The only mistake we can make is not to ask.

Herein lies the problem, most of us are not in the habit of asking. The challenge for so many of us is simply remembering to ask.

Here are eight ways to make asking spirit guides for help a habit:

1. Write a list of one to three things that you need help with each night

This doesn’t need to be complicated. Always start the list by calling upon the most benevolent, powerful, and wise guides to ensure proper assistance before going to sleep.

2. Give your guides a clear way of communicating with you

Tell them, “Every time I am on the right track, let me see/hear/feel ______.” Fill in the blank with something specific and unmistakable, like “church bells” or “a yellow heart.” This symbol should be something that is relatively rare so that you will know that it’s meant for you.

3. Set timers

Set timers on your phone to remind you to ask for help. Even if you only ask for help in making good decisions, always ask for help.

4. Wear special jewelry

Wear something that reminds you that your spirit guides are with you always. You can “bless” this jewelry by touching it and sharing an intention, such as, “This ring reminds me that my spirit guides always want to help me.”

5. Trust the guidance

This is the hardest part for so many people, and it is absolutely the most important part of the process. When something pulls you, you “just know,” or whatever guidance comes up, follow up with words and actions. Don’t hesitate. Also, be receptive. If someone gives you something, just say thank you—know that you are worthy to receive.

6. Be sure to thank your spirit guides

Always be grateful when you receive guidance and assistance. To make this a habit and to strengthen the relationship between you and your guides, thank them every night as you’re falling asleep and first thing when you wake in the morning.

7. Ask them to be with you all day

When you wake up in the morning, you can ask your guides to help you and be with you all day long. You can even ask that they make their presence known. I’ve been blown away when I ask my guides to make their presence known.

8. Name them

If it feels right to you to name them, then ask them what they want to be called and just listen. If they don’t give you a name instantly, you can trust that they will when the time is right. You can even just make up a name. I personally use, “My team of a million angels.”

I hope that this is helpful, and I really hope that you’ll ask for guidance constantly.


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