August 23, 2021

A Poem that will Remind you to feel Grateful for your Body.


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I know firsthand from being chronically ill for seven years, that when we are ill, our self-talk is usually not of the healing variety.

I was constantly telling myself how much pain I was in and how I felt inadequate in y life because I could not show up how I wanted to.

It took me three weeks to change my inner dialogue, and in doing so, I transformed my inner and outer body. I was healed and pain-free in three weeks. Fifteen years later, I am still free of all dis-ease and pain.

You would think that experience would have me always being super grateful for my body. But I am human and life happened and I quickly got caught up and away from my gratitude practices for my body.

This poem was born from that and I hope it helps you too. Read it loud and proud and see how you feel afterward. You may even put your hand on each body part as you do this or on your heart to deepen the impact. Your body will thank you for it!

I am thankful for my head
because it houses my mind.
It allows me to contemplate, interact
figure out the challenges that I find.

Thank you to my face—
there truly is only one me.
I am grateful for my mouth that tastes and smiles
my nose to smell, my eyes to see.

Thank you to my neck
And to my throat that allows me to swallow.
My voice that allows me to speak my truth,
and know what creativity and truths to express and follow.

Thank you to my shoulders
sometimes it feels like they bear a huge weight.
I have used them to let loved ones cry on
and they remind me to sit up straight.

I am grateful for my arms and hands
which let me hold loved ones near.
They also allow me to write and feed myself,
dress myself with clothes to wear.

I am blessed to have my heart
the center of my love and intuition.
I know I can tune in here to connect
with all living things and my lifes mission.

I am indebted to my stomach
which helps digest all the delicious food that I eat.
My womb, which housed my children
which made my life complete.

I am grateful to my back
for its strength and encasing my vertebrae
I love and am blessed for my hips
which allow me to dance and sway.

I am blessed to have legs and feet
that allow me connection to this earth.
I love my whole body, mind, and soul
and am determined to know my self-worth.

I am grateful to have cells communicating
and my blood that flows without a thought.
For my nerves, bones, and teeth
and for all this life has taught.

I am committed to give thanks
to my body that has carried me to this day
I am committing to affirming the health I do have
knowing it will help my life in every single way!


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Read 8 comments and reply

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