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August 17, 2021

Are You Using Respect’s Toolkit for Work with Male Victims of Domestic Abuse? You Should Be.

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Are you in the mental health field or searching for more information on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) within specialty populations?
This toolkit is brilliant. Jo Todd has created something really special and it should definitely be part of your resources.
The 131 page toolkit includes chapters titled, Men and Domestic Abuse, Gay Bisexual and Trans (GBT) Men’s Experiences and Domestic Abuse, Identifying Who is Doing What to Whom and with What Effect, Assessment toolkit, Responding, Research, The Respect Male Victim Standard, a bibliography for further reading, and an appendix with a real-life case study.
The Respect Toolkit (2019) is a well thought out, well organized, non-judgmental, evidence-based, and inclusive approach to engaging with and advocating for the male or GBT survivor/victim of domestic violence. Its focus is on the dignity, experience, and respect towards the male experience.
This toolkit would be a brilliant ancillary piece for the male client/patient who has been involved in IPV. The toolkit also promotes the continuity of the APA ethical code and guidelines through respecting the individuals dignity, not promoting further harm, providing a confidentiality agreement, and a client self-completion questionnaire.
These considerations should allow for best practices to occur and the feeling of a safe environment to share their story. The toolkit also allows for a trusting relationship between client and professional to flourish.
Trust and security are key for the best possible client-professional connection.
All my best,
Tricia Rembold
Todd, J. (2019). Toolkit for work with male victims of domestic abuse. Retrieved from
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