August 7, 2021

Being Human is F*cking Hard. (This 5-Second Meditation will Help.)


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Being human is hard.

We have these complex conditionings that oppose the conditions we are expected to abide by.

We are expected to be comfortable despite discomfort. We are expected to go against our individual needs to survive. We feel too much. Drink too much. Lie too much. Avoid too much. Endure too much.

When faced with challenges, we either have what it takes, create what it takes, or don’t take it at all.

We leave. We grieve. We believe.

Some of us are wandering around in a foreign realm, fearful of every step. Some of us are enjoying the scenery.

Some of us have walked through a number of forests, each full of creatures that differ from the others, and we’ve forgotten where to stand.

We battle within ourselves; we battle outside of ourselves. And we watch them battle each other.

Being human is hard. Wanting all the answers and fearing failing the test.

We fear destruction and create it. We believe in love and fall into it.

None of it makes any sense when we are disconnected. Yet, the disconnection is the billboard that leads us home. But sometimes we don’t know how to read. Or the words are jumbled messes—we can’t make sense of it.

Being human is hard. Whether you hear the inner guidance or not. There is always an outside source either questioning you or testing you.

And when you fall out of alignment with yourself, you lose your ability to trust the misunderstood, the unseen, the unfamiliar:

Give yourself a moment. Go inward. Open your chest, close your eyes, smile. Breathe in. Sigh out.

Did you feel it? That connection to joy? That moment that blinds you from all the confusion? The love inside of you?

Whether you faked it or felt it, you touched it.


Practice coming back to yourself with love. Practice when you’re crying, when you’re numb, and when you’re delighted.

Take it in. Let it out.

Because being human is hard. And the biggest kept secret is that none of us have any clue what the f*ck we are doing when we try to fit ourselves into the bigger picture—whatever that may look like to you.

We have to accept that everything we feel is real—the good and the bad. Sometimes being human is hard, and none of it makes sense.

But when you’re able to choose to redirect and reconnect to that tiny space of joy within you—despite the sh*tstorm of chaos and confusion—you’ll soon find moments of being okay with it.

Stand in the eye of the storm. Let it whirl around you.

Be with this human experience that doesn’t make any sense.

Smile anyway every once in a while.

Breathe life in and sigh it back out.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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