August 22, 2021

Feel your Feelings, they Said.


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Turn on some calming folk music

Drink the tea from the box that says Relaxed Mind

Take a nap

Take a breath

Find a comfy soft blanket, little girl, to snuggle into

You will be okay

Missing your boy

Missing your friends

Missing your window into a life well-lived

Grieving the past

Grieving your parents

Grieving your childhood

Let it up and out dear one

You don’t have to run anymore.

Wrap yourself in that warm blankie

Drink that warm tea

This too shall pass

Today is not the day to stuff

Today is not the day to run or

Shop these feelings away

Sugar and caffeine makes you worse.

Alcohol is out of the question

These demons in your mind need to find solace

Let’s take them to a place where we feel contentment

Where we can move our body freely

Without the constraints of this mind that

Takes us back to places we only visit in our


Let’s let love in

Let’s reach out

Let’s remember we are never truly alone.

When we have that spirit within

We can search everywhere else

Outside of ourselves, but the place to find

The calm and love we are after is within us.

No more searching, dear one.

Let the loneliness fall to the wayside

You are all you’ve ever needed to be.

Stop being so hard on yourself

That you should be farther along and be prettier

You should stand taller and feel grateful for all that you have,

Yes, maybe tomorrow, but today I need to find the root of these traumas

That stir me from a deep sleep and remind me

Of my demise

They remind me of all I have lost and

Peer over my shoulder when I am finding my ground.

My footing is shaky

I stumble

I fall and I beg for someone to see me here



Confined to my own mind.

My dangerous mind

That sees nothing but darkness

When the light is peering right around the corner

I escape into the night

Into my dinner, my drink, my writing

I escape to find the solace

That is so hard to come by these days.

I am a widow in my own mind

I am lost in my own mind

I am tangled in a web of my own mind

Free me from this

I beg you,



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Read 24 comments and reply

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