August 16, 2021

This is my Final Love Song, my Last Goodbye…to You.


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Closure came unexpectedly on a Friday morning, weeks after our final messages to one another.

I know you loved me and I loved you. But you could not accept a love that didn’t require me to break myself into pieces for you. You could not truly love me.

The cost for me was too expensive and it took almost eight years to learn that my soul was not for sale.


I always wondered 

What the final straw would be  

Ending of our time. 

Repeated cycle 

of highs and lows, breaking me 

into pieces of you. 

You come into and 

out of my life, my heart, while 

leaving holes of pain. 

The ghost of your body 

lays beside me every night 

invading my dreams. 

I am suspended

in time, frozen from burning

in your pretty lies. 

You are running from 

yourself and what I reveal 

of your reflection. 

Will I ever heal

from the wounds you gifted in 

exchange for my heart?

My last poem for 

you is my final love song, 

my closing goodbye. 

While you live to find

pieces of yourself in those 

who live to love you. 

Can you truly love someone who is literal collateral damage in the war of ego you fight with yourself? Will you ever look in the mirror and truly see the reflection of the person you are, or will all the moments we spent together become a blip in a life where you continue to hide your authenticity?

I walk away now, for me. To save my sanity and my soul.

My wish is that you will choose the same.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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