August 22, 2021

My 3 Secrets to Living a Happy Life.

In September 2019, whilst in a deep meditative process, I received some guidance:

“The world, as you know it, is about to end. Make the necessary changes and listen to your inner guidance.”

And so, I listened. I told my husband that I was dedicating my life to a new way of being. He thought I was insane, and so we went our separate ways.

Eighteen months on, what have I learned?

The mind is limited.

When I was living in my mind, I was constantly trying to make sense of the world. My marriage made sense, my life made sense, my business made sense, but there was something inside of me saying, “Is this all there is?”

I was playing small. I was living in a cage of my own mind, trapped by the limitations of all things “sensical.”

My heart knew there was something bigger out there for me. A love that was limitless, a business that had nothing to do with my qualifications, and a home surrounded by nature, uninterrupted by sirens, signals, or smoke.

My heart wanted to live like Eve in the garden of Eden, but my mind had me living in a city that I had always known. I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled, but my mind would never let me feel that pain. I was numbing myself by moving so fast, always planning the next move, and living in the future of fun plans, travel, and events.

When we live in the mind, we keep ourselves small. We make sense of our situation, making excuses for all the choices that we’ve made in the past. Getting out of our head and into the body is the only way out.

The combination of movement (dance, exercise, yoga) stimulates the mind and moves energy through the body, and stillness (meditation and affirmations) allows us to see clearly and connect with our deeper wisdom, a wisdom that is led from the heart and spoken from intuition.

Intuition is the pathway to true joy.

Our intuition is always guiding us to the life of our dreams. Often, it doesn’t make sense. After all, it’s beyond the limited-thinking mind. Our intuition can speak to us in our dreams and our meditations.

As a child, I had a wild imagination. I had vivid dreams, imaginary friends, and colourful, creative ideas. Somehow, it was schooled out of me.

I have spent the past 18 months reconnecting with my intuition with my coach William Whitecloud. It has truly led me to the life of my dreams. I could have never imagined this life when I left behind the life that I thought I was really happy in.

Intuition is scary. It requires us to connect with our child-like innocence, connected to all things time and space. It doesn’t make sense in the mind, but when we listen and begin to lead from that place, life unfolds in incredible, unbelievable ways.

For me, what I created through living from my intuition and not trying to make sense of the guidance, took me away from Melbourne, landing me in Byron Bay, only a few weeks before COVID-19. It led me to a random beach where I met the love of my life, stumbled across the home of my dreams (which we later purchased), and connected with a community of friends and colleagues so perfectly aligned with my life, vision, and dreams.

Some call it luck. I call it listening to the knowing—listening to the guidance without questioning how, what, or why.

We are taught to live in a very masculine way. “There is a way things are done!” “Create a plan and take action from the mind.”

However, life requires balance: the Yin and the Yang. The masculine and the feminine. Intuition involves reconnecting with the feminine flow within. And, I believe that intuition is the pathway to joy.

Listen along the way.

When we are open to seeing the truth, everyone around us is a teacher: what we like in others is what we like in ourselves. What we dislike in others is what we dislike about ourselves, which we are often too afraid to see.

I have spent the past 18 months with my eyes and ears wide open, aware that everyone I’ve attracted into my life has been a reflection of my state of consciousness at that point in time.

I’ve learnt about my narcissism, my selfishness, my numbness, my need to please others, and my incessant need to validate my existence. Overcoming these limiting beliefs and behaviours is a work in progress, but change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a commitment to being a better person every day, and a commitment to truly listen to the reflections of others without letting my mind justify my actions and keep me small.

I am on my journey to becoming the best version of myself, and the only way forward is to listen, hear the guidance, and integrate it as best we can.

Listening requires us to admit our mistakes and stop justifying our actions. It requires us to take responsibility for our lives and how we are creating them. Listening requires us to hear the stories of our past that are keeping us small and choosing to let them go.

Listening is the only path toward unconditional love.

So my wish is that humanity learns to listen:

Listen to mother nature crying out for our attention.

Listen to our bodies begging us to stop abusing or neglecting it.

Listen to our intuition guiding us to the life of our highest potential for ourselves, each other, and our planet.

The secret to a happy life is that we create our own destiny. And anyone can create the life of their dreams if they are willing to do the work and take full responsibility for the life that they are creating. Every. Single. Day.

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