August 24, 2021

It’s Not Just about the Body Butter: it’s about So Much More.


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I’m a woman who fell in love with a body butter done right, and the story behind it.

A few months ago, I attended a Ride for Pride spin class at my local gym.

Before entering the spin room, there was a little table set up off to the side, with a young man selling body butter.

I, the person with super dry skin and obsessed with body butter, went over to talk to the nice, young man. I was low on my Bath & Body Works stash and figured I would pick up something to hold me over until I made it over to the mall.

To my surprise, he wasn’t just selling any “body butter,” he was selling his own body butter. I was impressed yet slightly apprehensive about a body butter that was made in someone’s kitchen. I have super sensitive skin but I love to support small local businesses, and I needed something quick. So I paid the 25 dollars and went to class.

As soon as I got home, I took my product out of the bag to examine it. It was a see-through, eight-ounce jar with a white lid and a simple tag that read: “Butter E Body Butter.” I purchased the jade scent which is bright green and visible from the container. This didn’t look like someone made it in their kitchen. It was classy.

I showered and applied the homemade body butter. The first thing I noticed was the amazing scent when I opened the jar. It was clean and fresh. I like scents. This was fabulous. I applied a small amount, which is all that was needed to cover my entire body. It was soft and smooth.

There was no reaction to my sensitive skin. The butter lasted throughout the night, even after I had slept. My skin was silky smooth hours later. This was the best body butter I’ve ever used. I’ve been using it ever since, and I’m obsessed.

I contacted the owner because I had to know everything about his body butter, like who he was, and why he makes his own body butter.

So, meet Eddie: the owner of Butter E.

Eddie was born and raised in Philadelphia. He had a good life growing up, was raised by a lovely mother, and has seven siblings.

Despite the fact they were like any “normal” middle-class family who lived a decent life, he is a minority coming from a Puerto Rican background. The odds were against him, but that didn’t stop him from working hard to accomplish something for his life.

After graduating high school, he applied and attended a certificate program to become a medical assistant. He quickly landed a job in the medical field where he worked for seven years until COVID-19 hit and everything changed. He lost his job.

During a time when the world was filled with confusion and uncertainty, Eddie decided it was the perfect time for a change. Instead of applying for a new job in the medical field, he was going to create a new life for himself. A new career. But not just any career, he wanted to change the world in a way and to make it a better place.

He dug down deep within his soul with the help of his caring heart to create a vision. He wanted to do something using his love for helping people which he discovered while working in the medical field.

As a teenager, Eddie struggled with acne and other skin issues. He was never able to find anything that worked for him. So he combined his love for helping people with the need to create a better, all-natural skin product.

He made his first batch of body butter.

“I have always been someone who enjoyed helping others, so I decided I wanted to invest in something where I could help individuals who have experienced the same frustrations as myself,” Eddie told me.

Eddie started Butter E from the kitchen of his home. His products are a clever blend of natural butters and oils that nourish the skin.

He was able to create a product that left his skin feeling extremely soft and moisturized.

He was creating something new for healthy skin and prides himself in the fact that all of his products are 100 percent raw vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and natural butters. Everything he makes is homemade, which is amazing for our bodies.

He knew he had created something special. He recruited a friend to help set up his website and began to sell his body butter. He was terrified, not knowing how the public would react, but he went all in and took a chance on his dream.

Each butter is made for an order. As soon as orders are received, Eddie jumps into his kitchen and whips up a fresh batch, and ships it out immediately.

He is a remarkable man and business owner with a dream of making an entire line of products for every part of our bodies including scrubs and lotions. He plans to go back to school to further his education in the skincare industry.

Eddie is a man who is working to make his dreams come true. If you have a dream, anything is possible. Eddie will never stop when it comes to his dreams, and neither should any of us.

We have the f*cking power to make all of our dreams come true.

Thank you Eddie for your delicious body butter. My body thanks you every single day.

By the way, August is National Black Business Month. This month, we recognize the Black-owned businesses across the United States. Black-owned businesses account for only about 10 percent of total businesses in the U.S. and about 30 percent of all minority-owned businesses.

So let’s remember to recognize and support black-owned businesses every day of the year.


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