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August 20, 2021


Throughout our lifetime we will encounter with many types of situations and events of either good or bad or bad or good as we all have different perceptions about everything. We all become conditioned to live and deal with things for how we were brought up to see and this is all we know.

There are 2 paths along our journey, and it is up to everyone to make that choice, sometimes we may feel that we are trapped in a way in which we have no choice, but truth is we do! Below I will describe the 2 pathways in life and remember its your choice-which path will you choose?


Unfortunately, this is the most obvious path most people attend to, it’s the path that is flashing in front of our faces when we are starting to grow up as children and coming into our teenage years. This is the illusionary path where we become conditioned to believe with what we see going on around us.

But of course, as we continue following this path, we don’t know any better that what we have grown to learn from parents, family and friends and of course social media and media in general. This path allows us to hold onto things that happened in the past and even makes us worry about future events and situations that hasn’t even happened yet!

Then of course along this pathway there is so much materialistic things that we become brainwashed with and by not knowing any better, living our lives down this path way starts to feel a lot more constricted with so much competition between our peers, friends even family, just everything in general, then comes the greediness for success and money and having the best of everything, it becomes chaotic, we start living through fear, as we feel like we are being controlled living our lives as robots rushing around trying to accomplish so many things because we feel we need to do things to impress the people around us, we become anxious with everything that is going on in the world because of fear and we panic and create more fear for ourselves and other people around us, we become unhealthy and feel depressed and a lot of people become very ill with viruses and disease, then within a click of a finger we are on our death beds questioning ourselves why?


In all honesty this is the path that we wiggled into as we were born into this amazing planet. We felt nothing but unconditional love and peace. But we fell of track as we grew a little more, our thinking minds then took control and led us into that flashing pathway above. This realistic spiritual path is not an easy path to find, its hidden amongst the bushes but doesn’t mean we will never find this path, sometimes we find it by accidental as we have a fall and roll and wake up to this opening. And of course, there are times when we walk straight past it, this can happen many times but one thing for sure, we need to discover this pathway for ourselves to follow through to be able to discover our own awakening.

This is the pathway of clarity and truth, where we can ponder through our journey and flow with whatever is happening around us and by accepting things for how it is in this moment after moment. We always feel at peace, a sense of calmness and tranquil no matter what, even if we do become moody or angry, this is ok, these are only natural emotions but along this path we become conditioned to become aware of all our actions, emotions and choices we make, we understand why things happen the way they do and we become much more caring, compassionate and loving towards other people, and because we give this to others we receive it back so we see life in a beautiful way, we appreciate and become grateful for the smallest and natural things around us. We understand that we create our own reality so therefore we think much more positive thoughts and create good energy for us and the people around us.

We have a knowing that it is through love alone that we can make the world a harmonious place to live in, and through being mindful about everything we do, we can enjoy each and every moment, its like taking a slow motion walk in the forest observing the detailed leaves on the trees and appreciating nature for what it has given us, this is how we should live our lives through everything, even waking up each morning and being grateful for our own breath, wow this alone is a miracle and when you can live this way your whole life will be full of miracles.

It is through this pathway that we start to remember the truth of who we really are, and we no longer need to seek happiness through buying things or becoming successful and having the best of everything, we understand that happiness is already within us, and we accept that we can detach from all the materialistic world. The more important things are to love ourselves and love our family and friends, as we are here to serve others and spread the love. This is the magical pathway where we no longer fear even death as we know that we are born to die, this is the life cycle, the way of life, we are here for eternity as we are spiritual beings.

I will leave you with my words, “IT’S YOUR CHOICE- WHICH PATH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

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