August 25, 2021

Our Soul Knows the Truth of who we Are.

I wrote this poem at a time when I was struggling. It felt like a message that many could use to hear.

The Observer (Your Soul)

I see you

acting and reacting

trying to do your best

sometimes feeling like you can

often feeling that is an impossible task.

Running this way and that

literally collapsing into bed at the end of the day.

Sometimes the dreams and sleep come

often you are kept up by the leftover thoughts and concerns.

I hear you

the way you speak to yourself

criticizing, over analyzing.

Bringing to mind past hurts

as if to relive them once more

would be punishment enough

and maybe this time

you could let them go.

Words from family, community, teachers

of who you should be

and if you are competent enough

at the roles you play

dancing through your head at all times.

I feel you

triggered by past hurts.

Wanting release and happiness

but seeing it as something to attain

not possible something

you could step into now.

I feel your eagerness and deep want for things to get better

but you get caught in the how

and old patterns, habits, and addictions that have

soothed you up until now.

I sense you

the uneasiness, the discontent

mixed in with moments of joy

the guilt if you are happy for too long

since so many others are suffering.

“Shouldn’t you be suffering too?”

your mind repeats to you.

Who are you to have a life of never-ending joy?

You are uniquely you with gifts the world has never seen

waiting to be expressed as only you can.

And the Universe and me, your soul and higher self support that.

If you could see through my eyes

you would see how perfect it all is.

The joy and especially the hard lessons learned.

They sculpted you into who you are today.

I was here all along feeling your emotions; the pain, the joy

all you have encountered.

Watching, waiting for you to ask for guidance

while sitting in non judgement.

I was here when you were at your lowest

knowing it was temporary

and the lessons you learned would be priceless.

I was cheering you on in the moments of pride, joy, love, and bliss

knowing these could be what you truly lived from.

I was listening to you speak to yourself

whispering words of encouragement

sometimes you would sense this but

many times you were too distracted to hear.

I sensed your trepidation as things began to go right

the lack of self-worth creeping in,

your guilt at feeling you might be

leaving people and situations behind.

It was comfy in your comfort zone

even if it truly was deeply uncomfortable

and you have been feeling the itch

for true change

for quite some time.

You deserve to see yourself as the Divine perfect being you are.

You deserve to speak to yourself as your truest and closest friend.

You deserve to feel confident and that you truly do deserve a life of bliss.

You deserve to heal past wounds and habits and live from that healed space.

You deserve to sense this guidance and support that is truly always here for you.

You deserve the life of your dreams and that I and the Universe are here to support you.

Always and forever it is our honor and privilege.

Thank you for being exactly the person you are and

for giving yourself permission to step into

the most beautiful version of yourself.

I love you unconditionally and am rooting for you endlessly

because I see you and I know who you truly are.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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