August 21, 2021

The Cast of “Sex and the City” is Back, Old & F*cking Beautiful.

Sex and the City~

“Can I cancel my rice pudding order?”

Remember this question? Who isn’t dying to see what happened with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda’s life? The charming streets of New York are shimmering again with fashion, style, love, and drama. We would think everyone who followed “Sex and the City” and had a television in the late 90s is.

The last episode from the series aired in February 2004, and images of the stars of the show filming together again, after more than a decade, are flooding the internet.

Here we are 11 years after the last movie, almost 23 years since the first-ever episode that shines a light on friendships, sex, gay-love, toxic-love, shoes-love, prince-charming love, and a wild and crazy world. We watched a world filled with fashion, vibrators, Mr. Big, Vogue, successful career women, and dove into the hearts and minds of men and women.

So, what are people raving and commenting about on the web?

They look old.

Where do I even start? Let’s take a stand for aging and normalizing the hell out of it. Just because they are celebrities, are they not human? They shouldn’t age and should return to the screen looking exactly as 23 f*cking years ago?

Why are we not embracing age? This is not only about people we recognize on the screen, but a worldwide culture that says, “You look old,” as some sort of insult.

What if we get old? It is a blessing if we get too old. Wrinkles, our posture, hair color, skin color, our entire bodies and faces change with age—this is just how it is.  

Now, I am not stating we shouldn’t take care of ourselves and look our best—by whatever means we want. I am saying yes to normalizing aging and to stop expecting people to look and behave the same as more than 20 years ago.

I am curious what their characters will be like now—will Samantha still be owning her sexual power?

We change. We age. We stay the same, and then we change again. It is all part of the game.

Why do we punish aging?

We intertwine aging with everything we’ve lost—what is no longer there.

We might think about losing our youth—the elasticity in our skin and its smoothness, the energy we once felt to do everything and run wild toward our wants. Maybe our minds won’t be as sharp, our sexual appetites as strong, have sexual desires and fantasies, or feel sex. Our hair may fall out more often. That giggly joyfulness, glow in our eyes, and openness to being silly and acting a fool may disappear. We may begin dressing differently.

As a culture, we associate aging with wrinkles, tiredness, and seriousness—weight gain or too much loss, boobs giving up to gravity, and dryer skin. We may think about being grandmas, having shorter hair, not taking many adventures, and talking about routines. Aging may mean losing our sense of humor, forgetfulness, heartburn, and our posture and back may start curving. We may become less fashionable.

Let’s switch this around and shine a light on the wonderful things that can come with age:

>> Wisdom

>> Cherishing life and looking forward to every moment of it

>> Compassion, your eyes have seen too much

>> Sexiness

>> Beauty

>> Dressing how we want, because we no longer care what others think. Life is too short for that

>> Peacefulness over what we cannot control

>> Trust—we know it will work out and we don’t need to know everything

>> A relationship with ourselves that is limitless, genuine, and deeper than ever before

>> Stable and committed relationships

>> Family

>> Being a lover, a best friend, a sister, or a brother

>> An excellent kisser

>> Sex and making love with all our senses

>> Learning how our bodies feel best and that nothing beats an emotional connection—having sex with someone we love. 

>> Confidence

>> Being a guide for those we love and showing them everything is possible

>> A kind ear 

>> Advice gathered and learn the hard way

>> A love that is precious, knowing hustling and achievements are not most important

>> That glow in the eyes expressing all the beauty seen and how far we have come

I am looking forward to the show and remembering it with happy nostalgia. Like maybe seeing Carrie fall for Mr. Big again? Charlotte mastering the “Everything is fine” look? Samantha making me hot just banging for fun and pleasure? Or, Miranda inspiring me with work-life balance? You betcha.

Most of all, I look forward to normalizing and standing up for aging.

They look f*cking beautiful, no matter what they look like.

It is time we stop designating aging to the dark side. Aging is a blessing not everybody gets to enjoy.

No matter our age, we are perfect just as we are. There is nothing we should hide or feel embarrassed about.

We have lived in our skin.

It is our treasure, our temple, our home—a home that has carried love, loss, hopes, kisses, starry nights, and eyes that have seen thousands of sunrises. Our hands have held heavy hearts, legs have walked hundreds of cities, and our souls had the courage to build families—adding to this broken world the best they could.

I hope when we all get to old age, we stand in the mirror proudly.


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We’re proud because we lived our life fully, and hopefully, by then we will recognize that we are not our skin, our possessions, or our wall of achievements.

We are our experiences and the love we leave behind.

And just like that, they are back. The four single girls. They are beyond fifty-and-fabulous. They are perfect just the way they are—coming back.

I wonder…are marriages, friendships, sex, and labels still the hottest trends in New York?

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