August 27, 2021

This is Sex: Endless, Raw & Undefined.

this is sex

Many people think of sex, only as of the physical act of sex. But what if it is something more, far beyond that understanding?

One of the biggest tragedies of our times is existing without consciousness in a world full of desires, consumed by other people’s imaginary worlds and hallucinations. One where we can only perceive each other through countless filters and definitions.

So, how can we exist in this world—unnoticed, forgotten, shattered, looking with fixed eyes and lethargic bodies, drained from the creative liquids of the innate presence of the soul?

I’ve devoted many years of my life to dwell into the mysteries of my own soul. Many times when you start a journey like this it is because you want to escape this world. After two decades on this path, I’ve found that sex, the so-called “Promised Land,” is to walk on this Earth as one, with the light of my soul.

The spiritual path always begins as a desire to walk on heavenly lands. When the longing is strong, it fuels your courage to dive into the dark soil of your soul, this is what I call “the land of death,” the only place where you can be reborn. What is actually reborn though, is the consciousness, what is awakened is the innate light of your soul. You become present, not only with your body but also with your light.

Light and darkness, death and life, they coexist and generate each other in a perpetual circle.

This is sex, endless, raw, and undefined.


Life is sex. We are pure sex.

If we want to live, we have to be willing to die, and this requires a tantric approach in life. But some are so afraid of death, that they prefer to dream of worlds where they never become alive. They may have an imaginary approach to life and everything is consumed within these worlds.

To be able to live means to follow the circles of life—to understand the seasons, to give way to the old, and create space for the new. And that requires a certain amount of death. But we also need to feel the reins in our hands, we need to have control, and while we think we have that control, one day we may realize that we have failed to follow the natural laws of our very existence.

Men and women dream of each other in foreign lands; imagining another person out there, one that they cannot really see. Their dreams are vigorous, liquid, and restless. If you take away these dreams, they may become mad, because they can neither recognize nor find that satisfaction within their own lives. They may need more excitement: threesomes, porn, consuming lover after lover…so much hunger, so much absence.

However, to stop dreaming is to become present.

This is a tantric response in life. You are in flow with your being and every other being. It’s a dance, and it’s an action without thinking. You execute, you don’t perform. You don’t analyze, you follow the river of your heart which effortlessly directs your body. You melt with what is given in that very moment and you make a life out of it.

To be present is to be conscious. To be conscious is to be present. When we are conscious, our eyes are fixed in the natural law, and life overflows. We realize the evolving nature of life and our existence turns into love. Life is blooming; it becomes an offering of love.

When we are not present, countless imaginary worlds create a hidden life.

A hidden life that traps the desires of our soul and other people in nonexistent nets. What exist in those worlds consumes our life force; it drains out the pure sexual capacity to create and manifest. Moreover, it takes away our ability to recognize each other as who we are. The waters between us are contaminated. The communication is disturbed with expectations, illusionary images, and a lot of fiction—ideas that don’t respond to our given reality. The fragrance of the being we interact with is fading and lost. Because to be able to smell each other, we need presence, and fear is present too.

This is the end of sex.

Now maybe it becomes obvious why people consume, but not really experience sex. Real sex is pure presence, not only during the sexual act but as a way of being. This is why everything in our so-called modern society has been built up around sex. Because people are hungry for real sex and real sex requires presence. It requires consciousness. And this is what we are terribly missing.

Your presence and mine.

This is where sex begins and ends.



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Read 4 comments and reply

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