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August 29, 2021

Tips for small businesses to handle their digital marketing activities during COVID-19 crisis

Are you stuck with a dilemma regarding your digital marketing plans?

Sam is the founder of a new travel agency. Being a part of the startup ecosystem, he was not able to afford larger marketing techniques such as Billboards, TV Ads and so on. He was entirely dependent on a very small budget. That’s when his marketing team informed him that he can reach out to a wider audience by enabling the power of Social Media Marketing, SEO optimization and Mobile-friendly websites.

Sam was not only able to reach out to a wider audience but participate in discussions in forums. He became the go-to person when there were any doubts or questions arising in subjects related to travel and hospitality. This helped him build his personal brand as well as business branding. He obtained the status of technical expert and influencer. His business escalated in terms of sales.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Sam was skeptical about pursuing his digital marketing activities. His business was in a downward spiral. Many of his competitors were shutting down their digital marketing activities. He was muddled.

If you are in Sam’s condition, you need not to depend on expensive advertising strategies when you are able to derive the right digital marketing strategy for your business. During this crisis, it would absolutely be the test of times for your business. You need the guidance and support of the best digital marketing experts.

Quitting your digital marketing activities and restarting it when the tide is in your favor would be a bad idea. Even under a tight budget, you should keep it moving through feasible ways. With the work from home culture, it is possible for you to keep your digital marketing activities up-and-running.

Here are our few tips to chalk out that perfect Digital Marketing strategy for your business during the crisis:

Enable mobile optimization

Google has opted in favor of mobile users. It is found that 80% of Internet users are making use of mobile devices in order to browse the web. The recent Google algorithm has stated that the SEO ranking for non-mobile friendly websites would be reduced. Hence it is a necessity in recent times to make your website mobile friendly. There are plenty of testing tools available in the market to check your mobile optimization rate. Your digital marketing strategy should be focused on mobile devices.

Long tail blogging is the trend

By enabling long tail blogging, you can expect to drive more traffic on your website for a long time. It need not be the recently published blog. By making use of those trending and audience-centric long tail keywords, you can expect undying traffic to your website for a considerably longer period. Instead of focusing on pay-per-click traffic, SMEs can drive organic traffic to their website by enabling these long tail keywords. A good digital marketing agency will be able to help you in this pursuit. This is also a budget-friendly approach irrespective of any tough situation.

LinkedIn has attained that cult status

On average, about 46% percent of social media traffic found to arrive at the B2B Company websites is known to be from LinkedIn. Create shorter posts, write about your business on the LinkedIn pulse, emerge as a thought leader and make sure to use LinkedIn to your best advantage. This will increase the credibility and brand value of your business invariably. The added advantage is that you can use LinkedIn for generating more valuable backlinks for your website. This will ensure more traffic and converted leads for SMEs. Be active on LinkedIn to ensure that you are in touch with your professional circle during this lockdown.

Provide proper business details on your social media pages

All you need to do is to add proper details of your website on your LinkedIn profile to start with. Ask your digital marketing agency to help you in updating your details in a catchy manner. By providing the right details, you can direct the traffic easily to your website. This way, your leads will understand your credibility. This is a must when your business is still in infancy or reached mid-level.

Make use of auto-responders in order to thank your email subscribers

If you are going to ask your audience to sign up for your newsletter, then the best habit would be to contact them immediately or as quickly as possible. This way, you can show them that you are committed to their purpose. Let your audience know that you care for them by replying to them with a “Thank you” or introduction as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter. Your digital marketing agency will help you ace it out!

Leverage re-marketing

You need not depend completely on new audiences if you are willing to build your business from scratch. You have your Twitter followers and loyal Facebook following with whom you can re-establish your connection. This way, you will be able to increase your customer loyalty and improve your brand value. Offer discounts, coupons and special prizes to your clients and delight them with your goodies. Once the pandemic gets over, you need to resume or restart everything from scratch. Your followers would eventually turn as your brand ambassadors and evangelists when you can support them unconditionally during these testing times of pandemic.

Take advantage of infographics

  1. With infographics, you can present a valuable message to your audience visually and drive unimaginable traffic to your website. According to Jeffbullas, people are able to recall up to 65% of the visual content that they come across on a daily basis. infographics find the top place in the list. All your business needs is that unique content and a creative idea in order to create that ever-trending infographics. Do you wish to create effective infographics to create awareness on COVID-19? Say yes to infographics!

Create quality content

If content marketing is your choice, then adding value to your audience in the right manner is the key to improve your brand value. Pick up all the important points for your blog. It is important to set the brand tone and voice carefully during this crisis. This might not be the right time to sell for a few industries. But it is always the right time to create effective content for your folks. There is no good or bad time as such. All you need to do is to create well-researched content and offer it to them. This way, you will always be way ahead to earn more brand reputation. Your target audience would remember you when the tide is on your side. There are plenty of free graphic designing tools like Canva and Piktochart to support your content. Leverage them. You can also use video making tools like Animaker to create animated videos.

What you should remember?

During this crisis, it is important for you to offer the best support to your customers through digital marketing. Plan it with the best strategies and when things are back to normal, people would recognize your brand.

Just don’t give up on your digital marketing activities, no matter what!

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