August 16, 2021

Why do we put off our Happiness?


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Our entire lives we’re on a quest to feel whole and happy.

As we wait for happiness to arrive, some of us fill the empty spaces in our lives with distractions, temporary highs, busyness, unfulfilling relationships, toxic substances, material possessions, and the debt that often comes with them.

But still, the emptiness remains.

As children, we knew how to laugh, how to play, and what made us happy. It was being close to the ones we loved, exercising our curiosity, exploring our environment, creating adventures, making art, splashing in puddles, running barefoot in the rain, playing in a forest or a pond, taking risks, and trusting we’d be okay, even if we fell; these are the things that filled us up.

Then, as we grew, life became cluttered with distractions, busyness, possessions, stress, too much information, self-doubt, and responsibility. Many of us parked our creativity, abandoned our curious nature, spent less time with those we loved, and stopped doing those wonderful things that made us happy when we were children.

It’s time to invite the child who lives in each of us to come out and play, to remember the happiness we felt when we set ourselves free from the clutter and distractions that bog us down.

Even amidst the frenzied noise and turmoil in the world, we can still choose to be happy.

Today is a good day;

>> To look up and see the world through the curious eyes of the child in you and reclaim your sense of wonder.

>> To seek out a new adventure and bask in the beauty around you.

>> To flip over a few rocks along the shoreline and see what scurries out.

>> To pull out a coloring book, make a kite, play in the sand, go to a park and get on a swing, hang off the monkey bars, make a mud pie or do some happy finger painting on your guest room wall.

>> To giggle, to play, and melt back into your authentic, happy little self.

>> To let go and jump, skip, slide, soar, surf, run, ride, sail, paddle, or swim, right past anything blocking your path to happiness.

Today’s a good day to be happy.

You came into this world knowing where happiness resides; it’s still there waiting for you to unleash its power over your life.


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