August 28, 2021

We are our own Compass: why we Need to Listen to our Intuition.


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Lady queen, I’m going to throw you a sentence that will rock your world.

The most ladylike part of us is our body. She is our woman—our feminine expression.

This goes for every person, whatever gender you were assigned at birth. I like to even think of our bodies as our own personal Mother Earth. She is always honest with us and grounded, just like the earth is. What a magical gift we have with us all the time.

Let’s chat about how that intuitive superpower works. If our magnificent bodies are our own personal Mother Earth, it stands to reason that the cleaner they are, the better we feel.

I was chatting with a client the other day about how our bodies are always honest with us. As long as they are unadulterated, they will always tell us the truth.

The louder we can hear that truth (which is another name for intuition), the easier it is to respond to. We learn to hear our bodies by caring for them.

My experience, having worked on tens of thousands of people, has been that how we treat our bodies is how we tend to treat our feminine or the women around us. The truth that speaks through our bodies is what we call our intuition.

What does intuition mean? The origin of the word “intuition” is the Latin verb intueri, which is usually translated as “to look inside” or “to contemplate.”

Intuition is what happens when we use our bodies as our compasses. To make sure we’re receiving the clearest signals, it’s important to maintain our intuition instrument (aka our bodies) and cleanse them. So, in order to “look in,” we need to clean house.

A body, as clean as a whistle, is as clear as a bell in terms of intuition. As I am sure you are aware, cleansing heightens our senses. Let’s take our bodies to the next level so we can hear them better. This can also help us move into higher levels of intuition.

Our queenly vessels, our own marvellous bodies, deserve to be looked after and nurtured. Let’s think about how we can clean and care for our delicious bodies and make a commitment to do something special for ourselves and our bodies each day.

This physical self-nurturing will start to heighten our intuition and sensitivity. And our bodies are already quite sensitive to the world around us. This sensitivity is more than just feeling an atmosphere or people. Recent studies show that geomagnetic activity or the activity in the earth affects nervous-system activity in both humans and animals.

For example, animals appear to have the capacity to feel or sense that an earthquake is about to occur before it happens. It has recently been shown that changes in the earth’s magnetic field can be detected about an hour or longer before an earthquake occurs. A friend of mine who grew up on the San Andreas Fault in California said that her cats would always start racing around the house and going mad about an hour before an earthquake.

Whilst we become more sensitive to nature, we are also likely to become more sensitive to life around us, which, in our modern world, is fairly technology-based. A study done by UCLA stated that we are exposed to an inordinate amount of information amounting to over 174 newspapers full of data per day.

Another study conducted by UC San Diego suggests we are inundated with the equivalent amount of 34 gigabytes of information, enough to overload a laptop within a week. This is more than five times the amount of information we were exposed to just 20 years ago. Recently, it has been shown to be addictive, as kids are constantly exposed to social media and internet content.

And with the times we’re experiencing, both adults and kids alike are in front of screens more than ever. Video fatigue and information overload are becoming more of an issue.

This is about more than just the news on TV and media in general. This data is also composed of how-to videos, gurus, teachers, and people telling us how we can live our best lives.

So, how do we navigate all this information overload whilst still being sensitive and in touch with the world around us? The key to traversing this technology overwhelm is being present in our bodies. Being present in our bodies keeps us grounded and anchored in our own queenly wisdom.

Keep in mind that the best teacher is our own gut, intuition, and connection to the infinite information available to us all, so let’s make sure we’re friends with all of those things.

Lady queens, let’s all take moment to think about how we can clean and care for our bodies this week and make a commitment to do something for ourselves each day.





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