September 2, 2021

286 Words on the Meaning of Life.


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The meaning of life is to live

directly from our soul.

To fill our heart and days

with laughter from birth through when we are old.

We all have so many gifts to offer

discovered by tapping into our inner being.

When we truly connect within,

life becomes light and freeing.

We need to love ourselves

even for our perceived weaknesses.

In loving our complete self, body, mind, and soul

we uncover our priceless uniqueness.

We are meant to be kind to others

to live in community as one.

We all need food, love, and shelter

we all survive because of Earth and the Sun.

We are meant to celebrate nature

in all her inherent beauty.

Taking care of the animals, plants, trees, and water

is our privilege and our duty.

We are meant to turn inward daily

turning off the noises that distract.

It is then we hear our inner self and whispers

teaching us to be present instead of reacting.

We have such vast knowledge and connection

it is available for us when we get quiet and ask

Life is a loving and supported journey

and should not feel like a daunting task.

In those quiet moments, we discover the true us

the passions we have, point the way.

Life is meant to be lived fully in joy

waking up excited about each day!

Paying gratitude is crucial—

it is appreciation and love united.

It shows we notice the good in ourselves and our lives

Which creates the emotion of feeling delighted.

How we think and feel shapes our world

in each second we have the choice.

Choosing love, our passions, connectivity, and gratitude

allows every single day to be an opportunity to rejoice.


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