September 18, 2021

5 Reminders for when our Impatience Gets out of Control.


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Sometimes we let our impatience mess with our life decisions.

Most of our decisions are based on the understanding that things need to be done as soon as possible. We want that job right away after graduation, buy our first car, and move to our first home.

We even become impatient with the smallest of choices, such as where to eat, when we buy our new gadgets, or when the bank will approve our credit card application.

These are just some of the examples I encounter every day in my life. I realized that the more impatient I become, the more irresponsible my decisions are. Society tells us that we’re living in a world where “speed is the name of the game.” People have forgotten the saying, “Slowly but surely.”

Imagine the terror of being in debt for 10 years just because we can’t wait to save up. It’s okay to want things, but we shouldn’t stress ourselves too much. Dream in moderation, set realistic goals, and never doubt your capacity to improve.

As we all move forward, everything gets more disorganized—people are afraid to run out of things, and it’s disappointing to witness. More and more people are getting mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted every day.

I know that sometimes life can be difficult. But I believe that God has plans for everyone, even for those who don’t believe in Him.



Always make sure to remember these five most ignored reminders:

1. Let’s not let the world force us to believe that it’s first come, first serve. Rather, let’s teach ourselves to be kind to those who have been waiting, offer a helping hand to those who are hoping, and pray for ourselves that we may have the patience and the perseverance to be content with what we have.

2. Let’s all be vigilant, especially when everything doesn’t seem to be working according to how we planned it. Don’t rush things, especially if it sounds too good to be true.

3. Whenever we make a decision, regardless of how significant, we should always think about the lifelong impact it will have in our life. Remember, a fruitful tree doesn’t grow overnight even if we feed it with the most expensive fertilizer. It needs the right amount of water to bloom. Sometimes even the tallest trees rot if they’re overwatered.

4. Never let your impatience mess up your life decisions. Establish a set of plans for each setback. Even if you think it will fail, at least you tried.

5. And finally, quit looking at social media if you think it’s affecting your everyday choices, or else you might end up regretting a decision you’ve made just because Facebook thinks you need it.



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