September 16, 2021

Choice: The One Thing that’s Always Yours.

Choice is the greatest power we have

We squander that power
When we waste our time
Worrying about the choices
Others are making
Instead of focusing
On the ripple effect
Of our own choices

Everyone is doing the best they can
With what they know

If we want to do better
We have to know better
To know better
We have to know ourselves better
To know ourselves better
We need to stop focusing on others
What they’re doing or not doing
Wanting to control “them”
While fighting they who try to control “us”

Start paying attention to what we are choosing
If everyone did their own inner work
To be their best selves
We wouldn’t have to discipline each other
Because we ourselves would be more

When we are working on ourselves
So that we can take care of others better
We no longer have to
Be judgmental
Be defensive
Instead, we can grow
And reconnect with each other

When we’ve remembered who we truly are
We don’t always think, believe, or act the same
We need to honor one another and our differences
It is in being exposed to “others”
That we discover who we are
and what we stand for

It is in our own choices
That we show the world
Who we are
and what we love


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