September 20, 2021

Here’s the Emmy Speech I cannot stop Watching this Year.

Why was a famous, drop-dead gorgeous West End theatre goddess screaming like she was just cast in her first role ever at the Emmys last night?

After winning Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in “Ted Lasso,” Hannah Waddingham is literally a trending GIF.



And there is a deep-seated reason why.

On the show, Waddingham plays the role of “Rebecca” who is a stunningly strutting, Rolls Royce riding, and witty, yet humble owner of a professional English soccer team that was left to her by a cheating ex-husband. The cast boasts a bevy of talents and the endearing quality of each character’s depth acting in harmony to bring back a loveable underdog of a team is the storyline’s secret sauce. Her co-star and creator of the series Jason Sudeikis acts as the American Head Coach of the team. He also won last night, and their bond on camera feels as real as it showed at the Award ceremony.

After claiming 34 wins and 52 nominations since its debut, “Lasso” is not only a fan favorite but the critics’ too.

However in real life, Hannah Waddingham proudly claims her favorite, full-time role is as a single mother—and, if it weren’t for that, she would have not been on this show.

Prior to “Lasso,” the actress had been working out of the country and unable to get home to her young daughter when she suddenly became seriously ill with Henoch-Schönlein Purpura or HSP.  She shared the full story on air with Kate Thornton last month. She knew right then her career needed a change.

The pivotal moment unfolded after she finally reunited with her daughter, looked up at the sky, and spoke to the heavens from her heart.

“Thank you for pulling her through this…I’m really grateful but is there any way you can give me something that will really just fill our lives and let me do things with her, and as a single mum will keep us financially—and also can I be so cheeky so as to say could it be something that shows everything I can do and things I don’t feel like I’ve been able to do yet and is there any way it can just be here and maybe around the corner?”

Within two months, the audition arose for “Ted Lasso.” Without a doubt, her prayer that day came true. She is now an Emmy award-winning actress who works only 40 minutes away from her daughter and home.

It is no wonder her speech sounded and looked just like this.


May we all send passionate shout-outs to those who have supported us along the way, right now.

To my friends, family, and coworkers: I’m singing and bursting with similar love and gratitude the same line as Hannah—“This single mum wouldn’t be here without you!” Thank you.

Brava to you, Hannah Waddingham! As you once breathtakingly sang, “Look! A new day has begun.”


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