September 1, 2021

Shutting the Door on Victim Mentality: Why our Triggers are our Teachers.

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I’m just going to say this straight: the law of attraction is a form of spiritual bypassing.

Simply focusing on what we want doesn’t speed up the universe’s delivery time.

That’s because we manifest everything from our beliefs. The more limiting our beliefs, the less powerful we are at manifesting what we want.

So then, how do we become master manifesters?

The solution is hiding in plain sight: we have to lean into our triggers.

Every moment that enervates us is an opportunity for alchemy—we get to turn unpleasant situations into magnificent outcomes.

But most of us don’t appreciate the value that’s stored in our triggers.

You see, each trigger contains a gold nugget, because each trigger contains the clues we need to manifest anything we want.

We get triggered all the time, which means we should all be superabundant by now—but we aren’t.

That’s because, rather than seeing our triggers as a chance for abundance, we convince ourselves that our triggers are the blocks that hold us back from getting what we want.

We reinforce the beliefs that the world is rigged against us and that we don’t have what it takes to manifest the life we want.

When we externalize our problems, we literally give up our power. We hand it over to the things outside of us that truly are beyond our control. And because we can’t control the outer world, our attempts to manipulate it only solidify the illusion that we are powerless.

We pay a ridiculously high price for blaming our triggers. We step into victim mode and watch life pass us by.

All we need to do is start shifting our perspective about triggers. We need to see them for what they are: mirrors into ourselves. It’s on each of us to use our triggers to uncover the real blocks in our lives; our limiting subconscious beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

When we work through our triggers, we also put an end to the repetitive failure cycles in our relationships. We literally get our sanity back.

And if those incentives aren’t enticing enough, consider too that trigger taming gives our intuition a major boost. Triggers create a ton of noise in our personal energy fields which makes it really hard to pick up intuitive signals.

When we work through our triggers, we get to sort through the distorted emotions and thoughts that cloud our natural intuitive abilities. We also enhance our power to decipher the true meaning of our intuitions, without interference from our feelings and opinions.

Trigger work can be hard, for sure. We are so darned scared that if we face the stories behind our triggers, we’ll discover a self that is inherently flawed, damaged, and irreparable. This is false.

We’re afraid that we won’t be able to handle the depth of our pain. This is also false.

While we can choose to avoid our triggers, they will only get more disruptive and costly. By turning a blind eye to our triggers, we say “no thanks” to abundance.

And besides, aren’t we all so sick of being triggered over and over by the same people and situations, without ever experiencing real resolution?

Our triggers are our teachers. Our triggers want to turn us into master manifesters.

Life literally throws rocks at us so we can see the very things we need to see to step into our power as intuitive manifesters and finally create the life we deserve.

When we tackle our triggers, it doesn’t take long to see the fruits of our labor. If we can commit at least 21 days to consciously processing them, we eliminate the victim mentality and build new neural pathways that hold the mindset of creative genius.

While we will always feel the initial sting of a trigger (especially if it’s a new one), once we’ve trained our minds to shift from victim to creator, we immediately see the blaring sign that says, “Opportunity for abundance ahead!”

Just remember: we are not here to be perfect. We are not even here to be good. We are only here to become unapologetically aligned with who we are, so we can receive every joyful thing that wants to come our way. Our triggers are simply here to accelerate that process.

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