September 12, 2021

How to Co-Create with your Soul.

When the pandemic hit and we were ordered to stay indoors, time seemed to stretch, slow down.

Many of us took this as an opportunity—to tap in, reflect, uncover things about ourselves that the speed at which we previously operated our lives hadn’t allowed for.

Regardless if we went through this process with joy or with pain, deliberate intent or not, most of us learned a thing or two about who we are deep down.

Part and parcel with that came the bubbling up of so-called “daydreams.”

We envisioned ourselves living in foreign lands, building businesses, creating art, finding innovative ways to give back, standing in our power, or meeting a conscious partner.

And while we were cocooned at home, these “daydreams” acted as our means of travel, inspiration, hope.

Plenty of us made changes, began to act on what we were learning about ourselves, what we were seeing in our imaginings.

While still many of us stayed stagnant, unable to land our dreams and saying instead “soon.” Or even denying them altogether, burying them in the soil of our minds.

This isn’t about judgement. This isn’t about stating that those who are taking action are more superior to those who aren’t.

There is such a thing called Divine Timing. And so, for some, this may simply not be the right moment to make any sort of change. However, I believe that those who fall under that camp are the rare few.

While, for the rest of us, we are being called—called to make even the most micro of a shift toward a life that is in more alignment with our souls. That’s what those whispers of intuition that came to the surface during the silence were all about.

Those whispers, those flickers of inspiration that flit across our minds—they serve a purpose. They are meant to be received by our consciousness as messages from our inner wisdom.

Hence the quotation marks around daydreams earlier. They weren’t simple “daydreams.”

Not even the whispers that manifested as especially wild imaginings.

See, everything the mind conjures has at least a tendril of reason.

For example, maybe you aren’t meant to move to Cuba as you envisioned, but maybe you are meant to live somewhere warmer, or with a sunnier disposition. Or, maybe, you are simply meant to adopt more of the Caribbean lifestyle into your day-to-day—infuse more ease, more laughter, more joy for joy’s sake, more colour, more play.

Or, maybe you are meant to move to Cuba, take the leap, discover what’s awaiting you in that part of the world.

Perhaps that sounds crazy. Perhaps all of this does. Perhaps you’re sitting there thinking, right.

If so, this period of time for you may be all about challenging your thoughts, widening your perspective, learning to ask “Why not?” versus “How is that possible?”

In fact, I think for all of us that’s what this period of time is truly for.

There are so many things we’ve come to accept as truth over the course of our lives that we’re not even aware of. So many “rules” we’ve allowed to govern our lives that have been passed down, unspoken, from society to us, or from earlier generations.

And what this period of time has gifted us is the ability to question everything. To become aware of how we have been operating our lives, tease out what is serving us and what is not, understand why we have been operating in this way, and begin to challenge all of the blocks that are seemingly “holding us back” from leading the lives that we are meant to live, the ones where we are at peace, knowing that we are living on purpose.

So, if there’s one thing that can be taken away from this article, it’s the challenge to explore your imaginings. Start by writing one or two dreams down, and then all of the reasons that you don’t think you can go after them. Then, really look at these reasons. Are they valid excuses for not living your most tapped-in, meaningful life? How are these reasons serving you? How may your life be better if you could work with your fears to dismantle them?

This isn’t easy. Nor is it about becoming version 2.0 overnight. It’s about baby steps in the direction of deep alignment and learning to find the beauty in the unfolding journey.

We only have this one life. Push has come to shove.

And what this all boils down to is this: are you willing to take a raw look at your life, befriend your true essence, and have the courage to co-create with your soul?


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