September 7, 2021

Our Earth is Suffering: Can’t you f*cking See what’s Going on around You?


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The noises are too loud.

The voices too overpowering.

Amazon this, Starbucks that.

I want out of this nonsense.

Our planet is suffering, but no one will stop to notice.

Animals are suffering, but picking up our phones is more important.

When will we wake up?

When the planet is in flames? When the floods take over the Earth? When the animals come floating by, will you feel for them then?

I need to get away.

I take a walk for some perspective.

I get out in nature and see someone smoking a cigarette. Does that help you feel better as you ignore what’s going on?

I hear someone else talking about shopping and complaining about someone else.

Does that help you feel better?

We can’t keep plugging our ears and eyes and thinking things will improve. We all have to lend a hand.

Can we start by getting centered? It’s Sunday, but nobody is resting and looking within. Most are hungover from their Saturdays or binge-watching Netflix.

I can’t sit quietly and feel like I am on my own.

Climate change is real; animal agriculture is killing our planet.

Can we each take a step forward versus so many steps backward?

I invite you to stop and connect within. This affects us all. It affects our children and the next generations. They may not have a planet to inhabit very soon.

It’s not all about recycling, but yes, please, recycle. Quit going through the drive-throughs and getting fast food.

The Dunkin Donuts, the McDonalds; all of it dulls that small ache that maybe we should be more conscientious of our decisions. Every sip of alcohol, every cigarette, every Starbucks mocha latte takes us out of our consciousness. It makes us a little bit dumber, a little bit closer to the man and one step farther from the planet.

We start by eating as close to whole foods as we possibly can. We quit with the hot dogs and hamburgers (this is pig and cow). We stop eating fried garbage that is sh*t for our bodies and minds. We stop drinking soda and sugar-laden energy drinks that take us out of our bodies.

We can’t change the way we live until we are aware and conscious of what we are doing to try to escape from reality. All of these foods dull our senses, dumb us down, and make us less clear, less connected to the presence of our own souls.

Our souls are drowning in noise, chaos, Amazon, shopping. We need to quiet that dull ache and quit trying to fill it with more.

When we look within and ask why the ache is present we will learn the truth. We will hear what the spirit wants to tell us.

No more walking aimlessly down aisles at Target, no more wine o’clock.

Can we just fucking stop and be present?

It’s not comfortable, is it?

Because we don’t know how to do it. We’ve been trained by commercials and TV to consume more, more, more.

They are making so much money off of our brainwashed asses while people suffer trying to gain basic necessities.

Unhealthy eating habits are a huge problem. What are we stuffing down? Alcoholism, drug addiction, love, and sex addiction.

What are we running from?

What could we deal with today that would bring us closer in alignment with our true selves?

Trust me; I’m not judging. I’ve been that person, but I am turning off the noise and realizing that I’ve been duped into believing the lies.

Mass consumerism. Eating animals for our pleasure. Not even taking note of the abuse they have endured because you can’t see it when you choose not to look.

I invite anyone just to be open to learning more about mass consumerism, climate change, and veganism.

Actually, I don’t invite you; I beg you.

There are no dumb questions.

I want animals to stop suffering; I want this planet to stop suffering; and I want it to be there for my grandkids.

I am worried about Earth.

We need to come together.

We are being divided by our phones, politics, and the economy, but we have a choice today to start making small changes in the right direction.

Please, I am begging you.

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Read 13 comments and reply

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