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September 13, 2021

If you could write your life into existence, would you?

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Dream big they say!

Create a feeling, a visceral anchor to what you desire and create the vibration to match your future dreams!

Read and re-read it as often as possible, and yet, things still are not falling into place.

You are creating more stress from unfulfilled dreams, and desires.

Evidence of “This is not possible for me” is stacking up; “It is for others, but not for me!!”

I know these feelings, thoughts and also have enough evidence in my past to suggest I shouldn’t even be here, but, I have also learnt along the way that what our attention is on, is what we create more of.  Believe me when I say, focusing on the pains, the frustrations and things I didn’t want only got bigger and more numerous, similar to the cutting of the dragon heads in the Greek myth.

The question being asked is

“What is it you want to create?  Ummmm, am I allowed to wish for anything?  Really?  was the small girl’s question.  She and I have been over this many times, and for some reason, she still has doubts that it is possible for her/us to have more of the good things in life.  This is ok, baby steps towards change are better than none, right?

So, this is the change process, it is what I do when I am challenged to grow, stake my claim into something bigger and in alignment with my life purpose.

I focus on what I am striving towards, and I allow the fears, negativity, objections and all things that want to stop me come up. 

This may seem counter-intuitive, and years ago the positive thinking movement encouraged us to block negative thoughts, pup ourselves up and get into action, but it never addressed the fears, scarcity stories or limiting beliefs from the past.  They were only buried deeper, encouraging them to become stronger, fester and eventually erupt as a dis-ease, meltdown or worse.

Now, we know more.  We understand the benefits of helping our fears have a voice. Help them be heard, and using the fear energy to create something different.. Instead of limiting, to expand.  Similar to tapping into destructive wind power and using it for good, or fermenting old fruits for sterilising alcohol.  We can do this with our fears, emotions and limitations.

Allow the fears to have a voice, see them for what they are.  Thank the fears for having the courage, again, to step up and be heard.  Listen as you would a child telling you their darkest secret and pure as much comapassion, insight and empathy into the fears, rules, and limitations taken on over time.

When we do this, we enable all parts of us to come together, to work synergistically towards the new vision we choose to create.  Yes, it can be a weird feeling at first, and lots of uncertainty, doubt etc most likely will surface – let them come.  We have millennia of old stories that have affected our ancestors’ lives, passed from one generation to the other through stories, actions and circumstances.  Now though, in this time in our life, as individuals and collectively we can re-write the storyline.

We have the power to choose what we want to feel, what we choose to focus on, our character, our values, our beliefs.  After all, our life is created from the things we feel, be and do.

If you are unsure of the steps to actually take to create more of what you desire and heal the past wounded stories and limitations, then you will benefit from the Awareness and Accountability Journal, Create Your Life, One Day at a Time.   Now available on Amazon Kindle, and soon in Amazon Print.

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