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September 13, 2021

Law of Attraction is addictive as candy

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All things start with a mere thought.

Every invention, challenge and change, started with the flashpoint of a nerve firing.
A mere crossing of images perhaps across the synapses of the creative brain.
The questioning part of the brain asks, “Could I?”
The critical belief will most likely say, “No way! Don’t be so….!”
But, what if you did?

If you could create your life more on your terms, would you?
It was a matter of following a few tried and true steps and letting go of the expectation for a specific outcome.
If what you attracted also resulted in a calmer presence from living more from love than fear?
Earlier this year, I wrote for The Elephant Journal a light article on this idea; read it here.

Many gurus talk about creating one’s life, and the more I practise the techniques, I see the evidence in their words.  When we are clear in our choices, the subconscious, by its very role, is to provide evidence and create internal biochemical changes to create what is on the list.  But the biggest trick is to include as many positive, descriptive, emotion-filled phrases as possible. These are like candy for the subconscious.  Quit addictive, too, I must say. But be careful of the type of candy you are sending out there.  Fear or Passion based requests, as discussed by Kelly Maida

What are the other short circuit tricks?  There are a few, but they are Repititian, emotive, and say it out loud, preferably to a mirror.  Let me expand:

Repetition – the more times we do anything, the fewer things change.  

  1. The bandwidth of the neural pathways that focus on the ‘thing’ grows.  The greater the broadband neuronal pathway, the more significant the message is and the faster it travels through the brain.  
  2. The subconscious file folder around the request becomes thicker.  Each time the subconscious receives a data file of the same or similar content, context and emotional state, the bigger the file, and over time it overtakes the limiting beliefs, evidence and vibe. 

Emotions are the chemical signature of feelings, and as such, creates their own energy frequency. 

  1. The larger the emotional response to the request, the bigger the body’s biochemical changes that match the emotional state.  Happy begets happy.  We see more happy experiences operate from happy thoughts, and our happy radar is more attuned to attract more happy things.  Imagine if you felt the emotions of excitement, joy, relief and love.  
  2. Combine high emotional states with repetition, and you increase the bandwidth and the body’s chemistry. 

Voice your request.  When we read, say, and write the requests often, we synergistically compound the message to the Universe. This is achieved when more senses are sending a message to the brain, and therefore the subconscious.  Visual, hearing, voicing, and touch are working together, increasing the bandwidth even further.   Saying it to yourself in the mirror helps the brain own the affirming statement of request, anchoring all the above in so many ways it speeds up the process more. 

Additional tricks to this trade

Write the request statement out at least three times a day,
and look at yourself in the mirror while saying them aloud.
Feel the change, hear the new and increase the belief it is possible. 

Then, as Elyane Youseff writes engage another Universal Law – Letting Go

Each time your critic steps up, or you question the worthiness of considering the request, you have a gold nugget to heal and shift the limiting, fear-based belief. 

So, this is the challenge.  Think of 2 things you would like to be different in your life. Or you would like more of.

  • Define them.  Write in as much detail you can muster.
  • What will the changes look, feel and be like when it happens. 
  • What will you be doing, saying, hearing, or even eating or smelling when you know it has come to pass?
  • Who else, or what else is there. 
  • What are you wearing, even; if that is symbolic to you?
  • Make the statements in the now – and own it.   

For a short version example – affirmations. 
 “I am now so ever grateful I am attracting the right roles and opportunities for me to achieve xyz”
“I am so excited to be banking the cheque for xxxx, and now I can relax and focus on creating more of xxxx.”
“How amazing it feels to be recognised as a writer!.  Seeing my name and material printed by XXXX.”

Long version description.
I am so ever grateful for attracting the right roles and opportunities to be recognised as a best author.  Reading the New York Times letter, inviting me, personally to be part of their famous magazine.  My hands are shaking, and it is a dream come true.  I share the message with my dearests, and their excitement matches my shrill screams of humble amazement.  Now, even the smallest part of disbelief has stepped aside, and my entire being is buzzing with gratitude, excitement, awe and the most sense of achievement.

Now yours will be different, but I do think you get the idea.  Clear, concise, emotive, present and descriptive

Even if you think about the experiences and feelings you choose to have more of, it is a start.  Become familiar with the idea and feeling and create the repetition ritual to speed up the neural and vibe changes.   You might surprise yourself.

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