September 6, 2021

May we Meet in the Divine Space of Possibility. {Poem}

Hearted by

A Prayer.

Divine Spirit,

Mother/Father God,

Universal Energy,

Great Oneness,

Mother Earth,

Divine Light,

Sacred Darkness,

Creative Love,

Hear this prayer,

See this prayer,

Feel this prayer.


May we all awaken

to the divine

within each of us

and within

the space between us.

May we learn to

love the earth

as our body

and feel the universal

energy of creativity

and healing

flowing like a great river

through our souls.

May we make space

in our hearts

to break open

for one another,

for ourselves,

for the world.


May the places

where our feet touch

the earth

be blessed

with presence.

May we remember

the gifts of simplicity,

of no time,

of stillness.

May we hear the

quiet and urgent

calls in our hearts

guiding us toward

one another,

and you,

and our true selves.


May we have clarity

of vision

when we open our

eyes and the sun

has come up

once again

after the velvet night

has taken us away

into another world

of mystery,


and integration.

May we see

clearly, as to know

your face in our neighbor,

our enemy,

our lover,

and the flowers

rising up defiantly

through the cracks

in the cement.

May we close our


and remember the green

depths of earth

even in our

concrete jungles.


May we be brave

and stand up

for what is right,

and just,

and true,

when the world

presents us with

challenges of

human pain,

ecological devastation,

and great voids of


May our compassionate


of love ring

louder than

those of hate.


May we release

the bars

that have trapped

our hearts

and protected them,

so that we may feel

the grief and joy

of it all.

May we hear

the crackle of

the fire

when the great


breathes into

the night

and transforms

the world we know

into the world we

were meant to


May our bodies

rest easy

when our time comes

to greet you again

in the great mystery

so that our souls

can move freely

into the starry night sky.


May we embrace

the little and big


that will greet us

on our journey

so that a great


can emerge

from the ashes

of the world

we thought we wanted.

May we find within

the strength required

to maintain a fierce

love in action

and the wisdom

to know when

we must rest,

only to rise again.

May we find those

who are ready for

our unique medicine,

for our unique song

so that we may

participate in the healing

that is needed

to soothe the wounds

of this world.


May we keep

looking for you,

great sacred mystery,

even when the routine

of living threatens

to drag us down,

back into unconscious spaces,

and when the pain of the

world makes us weary.

May the breath of

the divine greet our

lips and enter our


offering a sweet

knowing from beyond

and within,

each time we create

the space for you.

May we


remember you

in our experiences,

and tell your stories of




sacred interconnection,

until the beginnings

and the endings

of our stories

meet in the divine


of possibility.


Hearted by


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