September 25, 2021

Shine On: How to use our Light for Good.


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz of Shiraz


I was struck by a breathtaking sunset over a country field. 

It was one of those moments when you’re not paying attention, casually look up—and “wow!”

I was immediately struck with awe and beauty. I stood in reverence, and basking in the day’s final glow brought deep peace, connection, and gratitude.

Lying in bed that night, the image would not leave my mind’s eye; radiance was coursing through my entire being. 

And as I was drifting into sleep on rays of light, it came to me.

Why can’t we all be like the sun?

The sun shines on us all equally—simply radiant. If we remember that we are all little suns, we could utilize our light like a superpower. We constellate in the world with the ability to shine light and love upon all we meet. 

So why do we not all simply beam fully each day upon others? 

Life happens—hurt, disappointment, fear, and consequently, we protect our radiance to mitigate pain from judgment, disappointment, rejection, and thus, dim our light. 

Being human is the whole spectrum.

To live fully, we gotta feel it all. Yep, we will experience heartbreak, and this allows love beyond our wildest imagination to enter. 

If we are tender with one another, if we are generous enough to say “I love you” deeply and “I am sorry” from the soul and align our actions and words, we stoke our light.

We are all on the journey of loving and healing every day. 

Let us keep considerate of how we share, shine, or diminish our light and mindful of the energy it brings.

Let us use our light for good.

Shine on friends! Radiate your light without fear to live fully.

Our world needs you.


“To heal is to touch lives with love that we previously touched with fear.” ~ Steven Levine


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