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September 6, 2021

Staying Warm in Cold Weather—Practical Tips That Might Help

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Depending on what part of the world you currently reside in, you may or may not be able to relate to this post right now. But I can. It’s been raining non-stop for days here. You know those rains that never cease completely but only swing from one intensity level to another? One minute, it’s a drizzle you hardly feel, so you go out in a sundress and bomber jacket. Then boom! Out of nowhere, buckets of water leave the sky, accompanied by strong winds that will leave your chest clogged at night.

Regardless of where you are, however, the weather does change. And even though it feels hot today, it might be freezing cold tomorrow. Here, in Nigeria, it’s the rainy season, and this year has come with a lot of flooding. While there’s not much most of us can do about the weather, we CAN stay prepared. How does one stay warm?

Wrap up, PLEASE!

For the ladies, this is not the time to get dressed in mono-straps or off-the-shoulder blouses. And for men, it’s not the time to walk around in your tank tops. More than ever, this is the time to get wrapped up warmly. Regardless of gender, wear your clothes in layers. Always wear a hat to cover your ears and head, gloves on your hands, and a scarf around your neck. Avoid wearing light clothes. Instead, go for clothes made from wool or cotton fabrics. If you happen to be home, ensure that you put on some socks and a pair of slippers to prevent your feet from getting too cold.

Avoid Using Alcohol to Keep Warm

While consuming alcohol may supposedly make you feel warm on the insides, it actually causes more harm than good. Truth is, when you consume alcohol, you feel warmer as a result of an expansion of your blood vessels. However, this singular action causes heat to be drawn away from your vital organs. It’s better safe than sorry. If you must drink alcohol, drink at home, or before going outside into the cold.

Consume Warm Foods and Drinks

When the weather turns frosty and chilly, it becomes the perfect time to consume warm foods and drinks. Do away with the chilled stuff for now, will you? Yes, Ice-cream counts, too. Eat a lot of porridges, soups, stews, and hot drinks or beverages. Drink hot chocolate— lots of it. Bake something, preferably fattening. A hot cup of tea would also do you a world of good. My personal favorites to ward away the cold? Catfish peppersoup or a mug of hot water combined with fresh ginger juice and some honey! These will not only keep you warm on your insides, but they will also help your body produce some heat, keeping you warm on the outside as well.

Remain Active

In order to boost your circulation, it is important that you remain active during the cold season, Avoid sitting for long hours. At least once every hour, move around. Another thing that can help you keep warm is light exercise. When you feel tired and decide to sit, ensure your feet are raised as it’s coldest nearest the ground.

Make the Most of the Sun

During the course of the day, allow the warm sun to come in by opening up your blinds and curtains. You can shut them at night to insulate the home.

Get a Humidifier

Investing in a good humidifier during the cold season is a fantastic idea. Humidifiers help make the air moist and breathable. They also help purify the air, as well as prevents cough and throat dryness. In addition, the aroma released by the humidifier is pleasing to the nose. Why wait? You can get it from any household store or supermarket around you!

Keep Drafts at Bay

If weatherstripping isn’t an option for you, don’t fret, there are other ways to keep the draft at bay. For instance, I ensure that when I go to bed at night, I shut the door to the room. This prevents the draft from the living room from making its way into the bedroom. You can also put something at the bottom of the outer doors to prevent the cold air from pouring in. Anything from a fancy roll to a blanket or even a towel can get the job done. You can also make long, round pillows to place against your doors and window sills.

Ensure the Kitchen Remains Cozy

Essentially, keep something boiling in the kitchen to increase humidity in the home. You can simply put a pot of water with liquid potpourri on the top of your stove. This will not only increase the humidity in the room but will also put a lovely smell in the air. Note: This may not be a very pocket-friendly option, though.

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