September 30, 2021

The 7 Secrets of Healing.

Healing is a big word that gets thrown around in the spiritual community that can leave one feeling confused, irritated, and hopeless. Why? Simply because what does healing look like? What does healing sound like? What does healing feel like?

Healing is a word that we understand can bring something back into balance or wholeness—it is a repair process. We can heal our body parts, we can heal our flat tire, we can heal our bad hair job, and we can heal anything concrete. However, how do we heal our spiritual pain?

Spiritual pain is abstract. Spiritual pain is in the spirit world. Spiritual pain is an individual process. Spiritual pain is the root of our freedom.

In order to heal spiritual pain, we have to heal it in the energy system. The spiritual pain is rooted in the energy centers of the body which eventually can turn the body into a petri dish of disease. Who wants that? Therefore, there are ancient secrets to the knowledge that can and will help heal spiritual pain in every single one of us.

It is important to satisfy the human knowledge of these secrets and then move forward to experience the spiritual knowledge from the process.

The only way through spiritual pain is movement through the energy centers of the body. When a person can move this pain through energetically, it is amazing how much the mind calms down and the memories of the trauma neutralize.

The Seven Secrets of Healing

1. Become aware

2. Be open to change

3. Identify the issue

4. Seek tools and resources

5. Overcome fear

6. Commit to the process

7. Reflect, reflect, reflect

Buried within each secret are three deeper layers of knowledge.

I discuss these in depth in my book: The Art of Process, 7 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity & Cultivating New Age Prosperity.

Courage comes from the deepest desires of an individual’s spirit that create the perfect environment to heal the deep spiritual pain. An individual has to be ready to address the pain knowing that the true pain is keeping it hidden, the real release is letting it go.

We are here to live free and it is time to free the spiritual pain.


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