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September 27, 2021

We co-create our pains.

Life continually creates challenges, but it isn’t the Universe, others or situations that create the challenges, they are the symptoms of our thoughts, and reactions to what we are co-creating.
We make decisions, according to our beliefs and interpretation of right and wrong, good and bad etc when these too are only judgements of what ‘should’ be. Yes, there are no should in life, only choices to do one thing or another.

We make decisions often to address a negative feeling or view on a situation, as humans, we tend to avoid pain, and seek pleasure, but what if we were to embrace what is and choose acceptance and gratitude for what we have in the now, and focus on what we are choosing to move towards, attract into our life?

What if we give ourselves permission to be messed up, wobbly, have ‘bad days’ and see the blessings in disguise with these moments too?

What if, we look at what we do, feel into or lean into what is there and what is not in truth or alignment with my true life purpose and potential?

Listen to the voices that come back, feel into the feelings of discontent and sound out what could feel better. Test them, but also be prepared that the disquiet may very much continue until the underlying fears are addressed.

You, my friend, as I look into the mirror saying this

“You are doing things right, now, is the time for you to become more real as to what is important to you, and align with what is to be for your life journey.

Yes, guide your children with love, encourage them to be true to them, while respecting other’s points of view and fears too.

Become more courageous to step into your power, your own connection with Spirit and life that flows through you.

Be the example of integrity, more so when challenged, because in the challenge, you are being asked to heal your own pains, fears, barriers and distances created by the past hurts and wounds.”

Be your truth, and allow others to be theirs. Give space for others to voice their fears, not to change them, but to give a voice to the voiceless parts in them to gain even more clarity and peace. ”

Gosh, how powerful these words are?
If you are in this space too, and ready to step into your power, you have options. You may need help, tools, support and acceptance to be true to yourself.  If this sounds right for you, then reach out.  These things are my speciality and life purpose.

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