September 8, 2021

We need to Trust Ourselves—Not the Universe.


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What a great thing it is to believe that the universe will give us exactly what we need, want, and deserve.

How amazing the universe is! But wouldn’t life be a bit too easy if that truly was how it worked?

While we’re encouraged to simply “trust the universe,” I strongly believe that we shouldn’t.

Trusting the universe—while thinking and hoping it will save us and send us some blessings—leaves us exactly where we are, with no space for personal growth.

It’s as if we think we deserve everything we wish for without doing anything for it. Unfortunately, this is not how life works—at least not most of the time.

We all get lucky sometimes, we all get extremely unlucky at other times, and we all experience unexpected things, and go through stuff that leaves us wondering why this is happening to us. I call it the risk of life.

There are things that we cannot control—some that are so cruel and painful that they shouldn’t ever happen. Unfortunately, they do.

Whilst we cannot control whose path we cross, we can and must control what we do with all of our encounters and situations. We make choices that lead us somewhere, but not necessarily where we want them to take us.

If we don’t understand the importance of our choices, the patterns of the choices we make, and if we’re not willing to undergo changes in the way we make our choices, then we choose to wish for the universe to help us out.

But how can the universe help us when we interfere with it? The universe doesn’t give us instructions on how to deal with whatever it sends us. Our brain does.

We need to learn to trust ourselves, our instincts, true desires, and emotions.

Ninety percent of our choices are made subconsciously, so we are not even aware of many of our patterns and why we actually do what we are doing.

Since my last failed long-term relationship and the brutal heartache I had to endure because of it, I have started to analyze all of my choices in life. Trust me when I say that the need to make the unconscious conscious in order to figure myself out was inevitable.

I was responsible for the way I felt. Nobody forced me to do anything, it was all my choices—how I allowed other people to treat me, how I chose to deal with pain, disappointment, grief, anger, and any other emotions. It was all me. It wasn’t the universe.

The universe has no control over my reactions, thoughts, or emotions. Only I have the power to gain control over myself.

We tend to waste so much time trying to figure out other people, but the truth is, you only need to understand yourself. There is no need to analyze other people, no need to think about other people’s behavior, and no need to take their actions personally.

Once you analyze your own behavior, you can become more secure with your own decisions and choices and the more secure you are within yourself, the less importance you give to other people’s actions and opinions.

I still believe in destiny and I like the thought of the universe sending us everything we need, but I don’t rely on it anymore.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said:

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives—choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”

I wish for you to make the best choices, so that you don’t have to wait for chances.

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